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Bryan Adams is one of those names that has a ton of history. He was a big name a couple of decades ago, but after several years of relative obscurity, Bryan Adams is once again in the limelight and out on a new tour. Even at the age of 63, he is ready to take on a tour visiting some pretty large venues. We will discuss some of the best seats from the likes of Madison Square Garden, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, TD Garden, and some others.

Listed right below are tickets for all of the events coming up in order. If you don’t see the event closest to you or are looking for something else, try the load more button. This will take you to the right page. You’ll see a full complement of tour dates to choose from. Try to select the best seat as we will discuss next.

Best Seats to Bryan Adams

You’ve made it this far and are waiting to hear about the good stuff. Well, the good news is the seats are available. Even the best Bryan Adams seats are within reason. Playing at large venues does help the cause too. We will select a few arenas and discuss where you should sit and why. There are plenty of options, but two things come to mind when selecting, experience and budget. Try to put your memory or experience ahead of the budget the best you can. Let’s get into it.

Dickies Arena – This is a 14,000-person capacity and probably way less for a concert. You should go after floor seats here since there are two dates available. Prices on the secondary market could drop on this one. If you want a little bit of elevation look at seats several rows back in sections 105-106 and 124-125. Look for the price breaks. These seats will give you the perfect view. Sections 14-16 are sneaky good with the best listening experience.

Footprint Center – The Footprint Center is fairly large and is probably a little too big for Bryan Adams. The choices are fairly open so if you are a die-hard fan you should go after seats in the first 15 rows since you can find them. If you don’t want that close consider the section right in front of the mixing board. The sounds will be spot on and the views will be quite adequate.

KIA Forum – They are selling way too many tickets for this event. You can certainly pick the seat of your choice in the KIA Forum. Stick with the floor once again, but if you want to save look at the center bowl sections. These first several rows will get taken, but right after that you should see a price drop.

Chase Center – Nothing is ever cheap at the Chase Center. It is nearly impossible to find a cheap Golden State Warriors ticket. If budget isn’t a concern, look for the best Bryan Adams seats that you can afford. Closer the better in an arena like this. The sections on the outside of the mixer area could be worth their cost.

Overall, this tour is shaping up to be a pick-the-best-seat event. It is the opposite of what happened with Taylor Swift or Beyonce. If you are going to the show, try to get the seat that will make you happy.

Bryan Adams Past

Coming out of Canada, Adams was one of the biggest names in music during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although possessing a distinctly rock and roll sound, Adams was quickly pushed into the category of “easy listening” because of harder-sounding bands, like Guns N Roses and Poison. Today, Adams has recently released another album, called Get Up. Sales for this have been strong, but Adams is still mostly known for his anthem, “(Everything I Do) I Do it for You.” He has also released huge hits like “Summer of 69,” “Heaven,” and “Cuts Like a Knife.” He’s played with multiple legends, like Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, and Roger Daltrey from The Who. Today, he is more well-known for his solo work, which continues to be highly popular when out on tour.

Adams is a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the bestselling musicians of all time, with over 100 million albums sold. His first album came out in ’80, but his most recent album (2015), is still receiving rave reviews. If you’re a longtime fan of his music, tickets to Bryan Adams will likely be one of your bucket list items. Be sure to check out the SeatGeek Review for tickets. We can almost guarantee that these shows will sell out. If you don’t act fast, you’re likely to miss out on this extraordinary tour.

From a Social Network Perspective

After all of these years of making music, videos, and concerts, you would think the following of Bryan Adams would still be strong. Well, when we checked Spotify last it was still looking good, with over 16 million listeners each month. This is a solid crowd listening to old songs from the past. Summer of ’69 still holds the top spot with almost one billion listens.

Bryan Adams was making videos way back when it was hard to do. Now, on places like YouTube, you can see all of his uploads. He currently has over 5 million subscribers which are fairly decent for an older demographic. You can see his channel and tell us what you think.

As for other social media, Bryan has over 1 million followers on Instagram. We do expect this to rise as he goes on tour and plays for all of his old and new fans.

Getting Those Hard-to-Get Bryan Adams Tickets

You are now ready to make that purchase. Here is your chance to get the best Bryan Adams seats at the venue near you. With this large tour, you shouldn’t have any issues getting tickets. We expect tickets to be available up to the show. If you are willing to be patient you can take that route and decide to buy at the last minute. Either way, tickets could be in your hands when you’re ready. We hope you put the experience first and try to get those close-up seats to make it special. If you have any questions about getting tickets or reading a seating chart please let us know.

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