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The Boston Red Sox are shaping up to have a great season. Are you planning to attend a game and if so what have you done about it? With so much tradition, going to a Red Sox game can really offer you a great experience. This is the year to head out to a ballgame and take in a little baseball.

The first thing you need to do is grab tickets to a game that fits your schedule. You have numerous games available each season and it will be up to you when it comes to selection. Our goal is to help you find the best tickets to a Boston Red Sox game and hopefully make it affordable for your budget. There are a ton of tickets available so don’t let this process intimidate you.

In the listings below you will see tickets for all of the upcoming games. These games will be for both home and away games. If you do not see the game listed all you have to do is select the load more tickets button and you’ll be shown all the different games throughout the season.

A few things we will go over include when is the best time to buy Boston Red Sox tickets, where should you sit at Fenway Park, grabbing some food around the stadium before a game, and some history about the Boston Red Sox. All of these things combined will help you not only understand how to get the best ticket possible, but also give you an opportunity to have the best experience possible

Best Time to Buy Boston Red Sox Tickets

This question is on everyone’s mind when they go to purchase tickets. Picking that right opportunity to get the best price will come down to several different things. We’ll go over the three major aspects that will change the price dramatically in both directions. Although the Boston Red Sox has a huge following you can expect a couple of loopholes that may allow you to save a little bit of money when buying tickets.

There are several different times when a baseball game can occur. We are talking about not only the weekday or weekend, but we are talking about is it a day game or is it a night game. These two things are what you should consider when looking to save a few bucks. This will also come down to what kind of schedule you have and are you able to take advantage of it.

First, let’s talk about a week-day game versus a weekend game. As you can expect more people will want to attend on the weekend because of their busy schedules. Unlike some sports, baseball allows you to see the game at all kinds of times throughout the day. You can expect a Saturday or Sunday game to be a little bit more expensive than a Tuesday afternoon game. Keep this in mind when you are looking to attend your next game.

The other thing to consider if you plan on going to a week-day game is if there is a matinee game or is it a night game. You can expect a smaller attendance for a day game than for a night game because of people’s work schedules. If you can take the day off or have the opportunity to go during the day you can also save a little bit of money this way.

One last thing to consider is the opponent the Boston Red Sox face. A game against the New York Yankees will most likely cost you the most amount of money. Although this is the game most people want to attend, this could be a huge budget factor when buying tickets. Consider games against out-of-division opponents such as the Arizona Diamondbacks or the San Diego Padres.

Seats at Fenway Park

The second major question people ask us is where to sit at Fenway Park. More than likely it will come down to budget, especially against strong opponents. We’ll go over some of the different sections and some tips that you might want to consider before purchasing your tickets. There are a lot of seats at Fenway Park but some will cost you a lot more than others.

Although there are tons of different sections in the stadium we will focus on some of the major areas.

The Bleachers

The most affordable seats in Fenway Park are the bleacher seats in the outfield. These are notorious for a good time but will also not hit your budget too hard. The views are not as special as some of the other seats but with the family, this is a perfect area.

Right-Field Box

These tickets at Fenway Park are very good when it comes to price. There are several different sections in this area and you are in the line of sight of a foul ball.

Right-Field Roof Box

These seats allow you to see a full view of the stadium. Prices are in the mid-range and will give you some cool views of a right-handed batter with the ball coming at you.

Box and Suites

If you’re looking to upgrade your style of watching a baseball game purchasing tickets in a box or suite can really elevate your game. You have access to all kinds of amenities such as shorter lines in the bathroom, some minimal free snacks, and an in-house attendant. Tickets will defintely cost you more but the experience will be worth it.

Grandstand Seats

Unfortunately, this is the one area that has given Fenway Park a bad rep. There are a ton of obstructed views that will get in your way when watching the game. You can find some reasonably priced tickets here but you may be faced with a poor view. This is not something you want to consider if you really want to take in the game.

Green Monster Seats

The most popular seats at Fenway Park are the green monster seats. This is where you want to be especially during a playoff game. These tickets will cost you a lot of money, especially for the distance they are from the field. You will want to buy green monster seats for smaller market teams.

Dugout Box

If you want to spend a small fortune then purchase the dugout box tickets. These will give you access to the first few rows behind the home plate. During a playoff or World Series game you can always see fans sitting in the seats. They are very comfortable and you get plenty of amenities to go along with them.

Parking at Fenway Park

There are a lot of places to park around Fenway but you can expect to pay a pretty heavy price. Some of your parking spots will possibly cost you more than the tickets themselves. You can expect to pay at least $25 to park your car for a game and more during a concert.

Restaurants Near Fenway

If you’re not in the mood for ballpark food during the game there are some options, especially in the Boston area for you to check out. A couple of different places that are budget-friendly are the Yard House and Sweet Cheeks Q. Each of these places will provide you with some excellent food and will be perfect for before or after a game. One other place to consider is the Eventide Fenway. This will provide you with all kinds of creative seafood and fresh oysters for you to nibble on.

Get Out to a Boston Red Sox game

You have access to all kinds of tickets for a Sox game. From a single game all the way through the whole season. We want to share those options with you now. Understanding how you can take advantage if you plan on going to more than one game is critical.

Season Tickets – Have you ever thought about purchasing season tickets? Although it’s quite difficult to get on the list for a Boston Red Sox season-ticket package, you do have some options available to you. As long as you get on the waitlist you will have access to some of the great seats when they become available. These can be worth it if you’re willing to put in the effort to try to sell the tickets that you don’t use. If you plan to go to more than three or four games a season this is an option that you may want to consider.

Group Tickets – One other way of getting tickets to multiple games is by purchasing group tickets. These group tickets are declared by the Boston Red Sox and will provide you with more than a few games to choose from. You will most likely have the option to purchase your tickets for the games that work in your schedule. You won’t necessarily get to pick which teams you get to see but you can be sure that these games will be competitive and worth the money.

Last-minute Sox Tickets – If you decide that you want to attend a baseball game the day of then this is a great way to go about it. This is the perfect opportunity for a single spectator to get tickets for very cheap. Using one of the many secondary market apps will allow you to actually purchase tickets as you walk up to Fenway.

Boston Red Sox History

Besides the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox probably has the most amount of baseball history. Founded in 1908 the Boston Red Sox has played at Fenway Park since 1912. Their World Series titles amount to nine and they also have 14 American League Pennants.

Some of the great players that have come through the Red Sox organization include Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, Pedro Martinez, Wade Boggs, and David Ortiz.

Besides the New York Yankees, the rivalries are pretty strong for the Boston Red Sox. Games against the Cleveland Guardians, Baltimore Orioles, and Los Angeles Angels will always bring in a large crowd. Tickets to these games will cost you a little bit more than some of the other teams.

Make That Purchase

Now that you have some insight on how you can purchase your Boston Red Sox tickets and when you should, it’s up to you to make your move. We suggest you keep an eye out on several different sections and also consider seats in the middle of the row. These tickets tend to sell a little bit later than say an aisle seat. Keep an eye out for the best available seats and watch how prices will move based on supply and demand. As soon as you make your purchase try not to look much further to see if you would’ve made or lost money if you waited. The experience is everything when attending a Boston Red Sox game so please consider that first. If you have any questions about buying Red Sox tickets you can always contact us for more information.


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