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Let’s go see the Bruins live. No matter your connection to the team, this is a great year to get out to a Boston Bruins game. Now is your chance to see if you can find cheap Boston Bruins tickets that will meet your schedule. We’ll go over when the best time to buy tickets, where you should sit, parking situations, some ticket options with ticket prices, and some history.

Before we get into all of that we want to show upcoming Bruins games on the schedule. In this list, you will find both home and away games. If the Bruins are making a deep run you will also find Stanley Cup Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals tickets here as well. If the dates listed don’t work, try the load more button. This will take you to a page of all upcoming games on the schedule.

Best Time to Buy Boston Bruins Tickets

The right time to buy will depend on you as a fan and how well the team is playing. If the Bruins are hot, you can expect to find ticket prices to be up across the board. In this case, whichever game works for you will be a great option. We will discuss a few things to look for when trying to buy good seats for less.

With so many games each year, there are plenty of options. A good time to dig in is about 2-3 weeks before the game you want to attend. This is around the time most people have committed to going to a game. The ticket sellers using all of the key ticket sites will make sure their tickets are listed and may even start lowering the price. This is where you need to take advantage.

Day of the week matters. You may find yourself with a much higher-priced ticket on a Saturday night vs. a Tuesday night. If you can go during the week you could find some savings within. Weekend games will most likely always be more expensive. This will depend on the opponent.

The opponent is the next basis for ticket pricing. If you see games against the big teams like the New York Rangers or Washington Capitals, you may want to look for a game against a weaker opponent during that season. Maybe even consider the traveling fanbase. For example, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets both play in smaller regions which won’t have as many fans. This alone will reduce the number of people looking for tickets.

Where Should You Sit in the TD Garden

We go into more details about the TD Garden seating chart on its page, but for now, we will go over some of the best seats for a Boston Bruins game. Always take into consideration what budget you are bringing to check out. Remember, we focus a lot on making memories so keep that in mind at all times.

Loge Level – These are some premium seats along the length of the ice in the lower level. You can sit behind the Bruins bench in sections 1 & 22 or you can go behind the opponent’s bench in sections 1 & 2. If you want to see the Bruins shoot twice consider sections 6 & 7.

Balcony Level – These are a bit deep in the stands, but the price could be affordable for your budget. This is where the get-in price will most likely be formulated below. We usually want you to avoid the 300+ levels at the arenas. Views will diminish to the point that you’ll be watching a lot of the game on the screen.

Club Seats – These are premier seats offered to fans that are located all over the arena. If you can get club seats you’ll be set for a good time. Some comfy seats to watch a game are always nice.

Suites – There are suites all over the Garden. With these tickets, you’ll have access to some pretty cool things. A private entrance is always nice. You’ll have access to free food and beverages. Check out the Sports Museum, private restrooms, and much more.

The Rafters – This is a fairly interesting section way up. This is a social section with couches, TVs, and other cool amenities. You’ll have access to a full bar and plenty of food. Parking could be cheaper as well. A perfect spot to go with a big group.

Cross Insurance Boardroom – These are some premium seats for corporate-level sponsors. Great seating and plenty of amenities for your game experience.

Other Lounges and locations worth checking out include the Absolute Lounge, AT&T Sportsdeck, Heineken Green Room, and The Lofts. Each one of these has some kind of added value to your viewership. Take in some free food and drinks, in-seat waiter service, and much more.

Finding a Parking Spot

Parking your car comes at a high premium when going to a Boston Bruins game. It’s one venue you should try to take city transit. You are looking at a $40 minimum to park your car. If you get close you could see parking spots for $80. We suggest you look at mobile parking apps like Spot Here and Parkwhiz. These will guarantee you a parking spot with dealing with finding one on the day of the game.

Tickets Worth Buying

You do have several options when it comes to buying tickets. Although you might already know about these, we still wanted to share them with you. You may be surprised by what you will find.

Season Tickets – A big investment for sure, but if you want to go to more than say 10 games a year, this could be a great way to buy tickets. Use the other tickets to help pay for the ones you use. It will take some effort on your part to sell them on sites like SeatGeek or Vivid Seats. In a good year, you can really make some money on your seats.

Single Game Tickets – You’ll pay the premium for these, but there are no strings attached. Just remember, that you will pay more.

Group Seats – This is a nice way to catch multiple games in a season. The organization will put together packages for several games a year. You won’t get to select for the most part and will most likely need an open schedule However, ticket prices will be fair.

Last Minute Tickets – How about walking up to the TD Garden and buying seats right there from your phone? Within minutes you’ll have the tickets delivered to you. This method isn’t for everyone, but worth it for the single viewers or others willing to take a risk on cheaper Bruins tickets.

Boston Bruins Ticket Prices – 2024

Are there cheap Boston Bruins tickets to be found this year? We are going to dive into some of the current ticket prices and see what we can find. When a team is playing well, you can expect the demand to rise and this will cause ticket costs to go up substantially. During a bad season, you will see the slight opposite. Tickets will still be expensive, but not like during the good years.

Listed below are some of the upcoming Bruins games. It’s important to remember, that these prices will change, so this is a good starting point for what they once were. These are for home games only. These are the lowest listed ticket prices as well. The “Get-In” Price.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Prices
Edmonton Oilers $165
Detroit Red Wings $156
Ottawa Senators $98
Tamba Bay Lightning $188
New Jersey Devils $152


Looking into the Past

Over the years, there have been several big names who have played for the Bruins, many of whom have gone on to become Hall of Famers. These include greats like Bill Quackenbush, Bobby Bauer, Gerry Cheevers, Adam Oates, and Bobby Orr. These names are legends in the sport of hockey, and superstars are still developing on the team now. Tickets to the Boston Bruins when they are playing at their best always seem to be a bit more popular than when they are struggling. Still, thanks to the huge amounts of success that this team has seen over the years, they are a permanent fixture in Boston and the surrounding communities.

The team mascot is called Blades the Bruin. A giant bear, he is more than a guy who dances around and gets the crowds excited. During January and February, he travels around the Boston area in order to raise money for charity. Games can be viewed on the local Boston sports channel—NESN—the same channel that Boston Red Sox games are viewed on. The New England sports community is a tight-knit one, and as such, even people who aren’t huge hockey fans love to get tickets to Boston Bruins games whenever they can.

Some of the biggest rivalry games will carry the highest ticket prices. If you can get out and see one of these teams face the Bruins it will be well worth the trip. Some of the biggest rivalry games will be against the Philadelphia Flyers, Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, and the New York Rangers.

Let’s Go To a Game

You now have all of the details to not only get the cheapest Boston Bruins tickets but also where you should sit at a game. Ticket prices will always be on the move, so keep an eye out on several sections during the year and see if you can find price discrepancies. If you are willing to put in some effort you may be surprised at how much you can save on tickets. Even if you can’t find that perfect ticket, do yourself a favor and go anyway. Make a memory and you’re sure to have a good time no matter what.


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