The Book of Mormon Brings the Laughs

This is a great time to buy The Book of Mormon Tickets.

Best Time to Buy The Book of Mormon Tickets

The Book of Mormon is a Broadway musical with a lot of history behind it. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the controversial cartoon South Park, the show caused a lot of commotion when it first came out because it does poke fun at the Latter Day Saints religion, but it is also a look at the struggles that occur within the life of a missionary. The play is heavy on religious satire, which wouldn’t typically go over well with most crowds, but the content, although hilarious at times, does reflect many of the realities of what being a missionary is like. Thanks to this balance, tickets to The Book of Mormon are very popular, and the show has been extremely successful.

The play follows the lives of a couple of missionaries based in Uganda. While the difficulties of being a missionary in a foreign country are duly addressed in the play, a lot of the nuances of the religion are addressed, and in classic Parker/Stone style, made fun of. Things like drinking coffee, which is forbidden in the LDS religion, are highlighted as some of the funnier parts of the play.

In addition to Parker and Stone working on the script and the music for The Book of Mormon, Robert Lopez also contributed. He was also one of the head songwriters for the music to the Disney film, Frozen. The play has won nine Tony Awards, including the Tony for Best Musical. It has also won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

Tickets to The Book of Mormon are extremely popular, and the show often sells out, even a few years after making its Broadway debut. Part of the reason for this is because the show premiered on Broadway, rather than in an off-Broadway setting, and thanks to this, a sincere effort to work out all of the show’s issues and kinks were made in record time. The audience is who really benefits from this refinement. It’s a hilarious show, and although quite risqué at times, it is one that the offbeat comedy fan will love.

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