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Jon Bon Jovi has announced on January 11th the band will start “This House Is Not For Sale” tour with a performance in Denver, CO.

The announcement comes just one month before they are inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” alongside “The Moody Blues”, “Dire Straits”, Nina Simone and “The Cars”.

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This House Is Not For Sale” will be released as a new version  – “This House Is Not For Sale” (“When we were us”) and will include two brand new songs – “Walls” and “When we were us”, which will be released on February 23rd.

The location for the show’s kick-off performance has not been randomly picked but as makeup to the fans from Denver who faced cancellation of Bon Jovi’s show in the spring of last year. Moreover, people in Denver who bought a ticket to that show have been granted a 50% discount to the 2018 spring tour. This discount has been available from Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 14. Fans who qualified for discount tickets were able to buy the same number of tickets as they had for the 2017 spring show. The ticket sale for the general public has started on Friday, January 19 at 10:00 AM.

It has not been revealed yet if rock band ”Fort Collins”, who was selected after winning a contest to open for Bon Jovi at the 2017 Denver show, will be performing at this year’s show.

In April 2017, the band had to cut short the show in Pittsburgh after the frontman explained to the audience he had been suffering from a cold days before the show. Jon Bon Jovi is reported to have suggested that a member of the audience should come up on stage and replace him: “Which one of you guys in a bar band knows all the words to Bon Jovi songs?” And the show in Pittsburgh had been cut short for good reason, as the lead singer struggled to reach the high notes in the band’s songs. Soon after the show in Pittsburgh, the band’s website posted the message about the cancellation of the tour’s remaining scheduled performances.

However, the good news is that tickets for Bon Jovi’s return to the road are available at and, starting from 42 dollars for the opening show in Denver, Co.

Bon Jovi formed in 1983 and the demo for “Runaway” has offered these New Jersey boys a contract with “Polygram Mercury” record label. The band intended to call their first album “Tough Talk”, but “Polygram Mercury” convinced them to name it simply “Bon Jovi”.

The following albums also had working titles, but they were released to the public under a different name:

“Wanted Dead Or Alive” later became “Slippery When Wet”
“Sons Of Beaches” was named “New Jersey”
“Revenge” shifted into “Keep The Faith”
“Not Bad For 5 Guys From New Jersey”, “Free Beer”, “Elvis Is Dead But We’re Not”  have all been joke titles given by Richie Sambora to the album known as “Cross Road”.
Despite selling over 100 million records worldwide, the last band who ever played at the old “Wembley Stadium in London” (in 2000) never had a single to reach “Number One” in the UK charts. However, the band has had four albums that hit the first position in the USA: “Slippery When Wet” in 1986, “New Jersey” in 1988, “Lost Highway” in 2007 and “The Circle” in 2009.

In 2004, in a VH1 top where viewers voted for the best songs that never made it to #1, “Livin’ On A Prayer” ranked at #6 and “Always” ranked at #10.

The ’80s were the birth time for many rock bands, but Bon Jovi is one of the few who have survived until today, due to a mix of factors:

  • they made their sound relevant for the 21st century, without losing their New Jersey rock essence: the single “It’s my life”, released in 2000 sounded just as “rock” as any of the band’s top hits, winning them a “Double Platinum” in the USA;
  • they have carefully chosen the new directions they had headed to, an example being the duet with Jennifer Nettles from “Sugarland” – “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, released in 2005, which won them several awards;
  • the band has a unique business relationship, in which Jon Bon Jovi is the only one who makes the business decisions, while the other members don’t have a problem with it. And that’s because they have all agreed for Jon to be the only one signed to the record company, while the boys are considered his employees.

In a career spanning over 35 years, “The 5 guys from New Jersey” won several awards, a sign of fans and critics appreciation:

  • “Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group” at “American Music Awards” in 1988 and “Award of Merit” at the same event in 2004;
  • “Best Stage Performance in a Video” for “Livin’on a prayer” at the “MTV Video Music Awards” in 1987 and “Best Rock” award at “MTV Europe Music Awards” in 1995;
  • “Best International Group” at “Brit Awards” in 1996;
  • “Grammy Award” in 2007 for “Best Country Collaboration with Vocals” – duet with Jennifer Nettles;
  • “Top Touring Artist” at the “Billboard Music Awards” in 2014.

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