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Bob Dylan is one of the biggest, and most well-known names in the music industry. He rose to fame in the 1960s in the folk music scene when the Vietnam War protest songs were popular, and then took the world of rock and roll by storm when he switched to an electric sound. Tickets to Bob Dylan shows are always big money items just because of the prowess that he has in the music business, and sometimes it can be tough to get them for his shows.

Bob Dylan was born Robert Zimmerman but changed his name to Bob Dylan as a type of homage to the poet Dylan Thomas. A lot of his lyrics show signs of reminiscence to his poetry, especially the stream of conscious songs that made him a rock icon in the late 60s. Switching from folk to electric caused a huge uproar when it happened, but history looks back as a sign of the times. The culture was moving, and Dylan has become a part of the broader culture of America. Songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Highway 61,” “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Tambourine Man” is as much a part of our society now as anything, and the man behind those songs is still going strong on tour. He’s played with bands like the Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, and even the poet Allen Ginsberg. It’s made him seem larger than life, and a bigger part of the overall music scene.

Today, Dylan is known for his jam-band style shows, his extreme versatility when it comes to the types of music that he plays, his unique vocals, and his longevity. Sometimes, he will even play the harmonica parts of his older songs on an electric guitar, giving timeless classics a modern and updated sound. He is now in his 70s, but still touring around the world. If you’ve never had tickets to Bob Dylan, his shows are a great time, even if you’re not a huge fan of his music. The atmosphere is amazing, and it’s an experience that has become a part of American history. If you’ve never seen him play live, it’s something that you owe to yourself.

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