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Blake Shelton is one of—if not the—biggest name in country music right now. Getting tickets to the Blake Shelton show can be tough because of this. Not only is his show The Voice one of the most popular music shows on TV right now, but his name is also all over the news thanks to his love life. None of this changes the fact that he’s a great musician and has a ton of hit songs. Whether you’re a long time country fan, or you’re new to his music because of just recently discovering him from television, one of his concerts will be one of those memories that you’ll have forever.

Shelton’s first album, Blake Shelton, came out in 2001. It had the hit single “Austin” on it, and it spent five weeks at number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Since then, he’s had 23 other hit singles, including 14 more number one songs. In addition to all of this, he’s been nominated for a Grammy Award six different times and has won a bunch of awards from the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music. He’s put out a total of nine albums since 2001, has gone on a number of tours with many of the top names in country music, and he’s been on several television specials over the years. Most of this has developed since 2010, when his status as a musician went from being just one of the big names in country music to the biggest name in the genre.

One of the most appealing things about Blake Shelton isn’t actually the fact that he’s a great musician, but the fact that he has a big personality. On The Voice, he and Adam Levine have an entertaining and dynamic relationship, fueled by the fact that they poke fun at each other on the show and on social media. He’s proven to be very witty, funny, and a generous guy. And now that it’s been publicly revealed that he and another Voice host—Gwen Stefani—have begun dating, Shelton is in the news more than ever. Ticket to Blake Shelton is selling out faster than ever, reigniting his popularity and bringing a whole new fan base to his music.

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