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Beyonce is returning for a huge stadium tour this year, competing with the likes of Taylor Swift and Madonna. Which diva will take the crown on amount of shows and revenue? Put the three together and we’ll be well over one billion dollars. That being said we have some big shows located at MetLife Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, Soldier Field, Ford Field, Bank of America Stadium, AT&T Stadium, Lumen Field, SoFi Stadium, and places all over Europe. This is just the short list of venues she will be performing. Our goal is to not only present you with the best time to buy Beyonce tickets, but we are also here to find you the best seats for a Beyonce concert.

In the list right below you will find several stadiums or venues she is playing. There is a good chance the event you want to see isn’t listed. This means, that by clicking the load more button, you will be taken to a page with all of the events on her tour. We will discuss the best seats below, but if you found your location go ahead and grab some Beyonce tickets.

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This tour is massive. Starting in the Spring in Europe with the first stop in Stockholm, Sweden, she will continue for several weeks. We expect her to add a few more dates in Europe as the calendar shows plenty of room. These tickets will go on sale first on the primary market. The secondary market of tickets will start to appear on StubHub tickets before we know it.

Best Place to Sit at a Beyonce Concert

Like we did with Taylor Swift, we decided to give you a breakdown of several different stadiums to help you determine where to look for seats. Not all, as there are too many. The best seats for Beyonce won’t be cheap. We see the prices on sites like SeatGeek already pushing big levels.

The stage architecture is already set up for the most part. We expect this to change somewhat from each location. For the most part, however, they will be very much alike.

It appears we will have a very large stage on one side of the stadium with a serious catwalk that goes out halfway through the floor seats. We see a big circle surrounding the end of that catwalk with club seats inside the circle. These seats will be amazing and will probably be some of the most expensive on the tour. If you can score these, good for you.

Lincoln Financial Field – Although you may catch the Eagles in the Super Bowl, you may also see some great concerts. With Taylor showing up May 12-13, we have Beyonce popping in midsummer on July 12. Outside anywhere on the floor, as these are the best, anything in the 100 sections will be your next bet. Try to seek the seats if not in the first 15 rows, look for where the price break occurs to help you save.

Soldier Field – Another monster location and home to the Bears, Beyonce will be filling seats on July 22. With the same stage layout from before, we also see seats further back on the floor. If you can get those you’ll have some decent views and great sounds. However, sections 119-126 could be a great choice as they are still stage-center and prices will be way less.

Metlife Stadium – It’s not a big tour if it doesn’t hit Metlife Stadium at least once. On July 29 she will be performing for all of her New York fans. There are a couple of sneaky floor sections, both 7 and 11 that could be a good spot if the price is less than the inner sections. This gives you a nice view of the circle catwalk.

Bank of America Stadium – Home to the Carolina Panthers, the show on August 9th will be massive for the city. Keep your mind on the 100 level if you miss any of the floor seats. Anything floor will bring you an experience of a lifetime.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Maybe not as exciting as the previous stadiums, but this will be the first one we talk about that is indoors. You will not need to worry about a weather delay or rainout in this one. August 11 will bring a huge crowd of Beyonce fans. These fans are going to make as many leaps as they can to get the best seats. Look for the club sections in the middle of the 100 level. On both sides, you will find the best seats outside of the floor and VIP areas.

We can easily go on and on with the many different stadiums she will be performing. For now, we will hold off. The best seats for a Beyonce concert will come down to timing and budget. We discuss the ticket-buying process to help you get those great seats. Don’t miss out on the pre-sale if you don’t want to overpay. You may not have a choice. Once you miss that window you can get your tickets at different sites. If you can’t find the best seat at SeatGeek, you can head over to StubHub tickets and do a search.

Social Media Standings

We gauge a lot of performers by their social standing across several different networks. It helps us determine if the tickets will be in high demand or not. Just like many others recently, Beyonce is going to bring in a lot of demand. We expect shows to get added to this tour as well.

Starting with Spotify, Beyonce has just about 50 million listeners each month. We do expect this number to escalate quickly as the tour gets going. A few of her songs including Halo, Single Ladies, and If I were a boy have millions if not over a billion listens. This is a wild amount to think about for anyone.

The next outlet we want to talk about is Instagram. Wow, her followers are almost 300 million. Even Taylor Swift has 50 million fewer followers on the platform. We can also expect this number to go up as well.

The final social metric we look at is YouTube. With her old videos and new videos still getting millions of views, she currently has 26 million subscribers on her channel. Halo just like Spotify has almost 1.5 billion views. Single Ladies is just behind with just shy of a billion views. Pretty wild numbers when we compare them to other pop artists.

A Quick Lookback

Born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles on September 4, 1981, she started her journey in music when she was only nine, by forming the all-girls band “Destiny’s Child” (initially called “Girl’s Tyme”).  They achieved plenty of success by landing a contract with “The Columbia Recording Company” and releasing a monster album. After a solid run with Destiny’s Child, the group decided to go on its own. Beyonce would find her solo voice and really start to take over the R&B, Pop, and hip-hop genres.

She has collaborated with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled, J Balvin, Willy William, and Eminem. She was also supposed to headline the Coachella Music Festival in 2017 but found out that she was pregnant and had to cancel her spot. She did play it the following year in 2018 in front of 125,000 people. She even sang at the Super Bowl in 2004 and 2013.

She has won tons of awards for many facets of music. With dozens of nominations through the years, she has a combination of over 28 Grammy Awards. She has also won 29 MTV awards as well.

Beyonce has quite the filmography starring in 10 movies including Austin Powers in Goldmember and the 2019 version of The Lion King. She has also directed four films. She continues to make her mark on the entertainment industry.

With this latest tour coming up, Beyonce has had nine major tours to date. The last one occurred in 2018 with her husband Jay-Z.

As for personal life, in 2008, Beyoncé married Jay-Z in a private ceremony in New York City. On the 7th of January 2012, the couple welcomed their firstborn, a baby daughter called Blue Ivy Carter. 5 years later, Beyoncé and Jay-Z presented in June 2017 their newborn twins – Sir and Rumi.

Beyoncé or “Queen Bey” was declared in 2017 as the highest-earning female musician of the year, surpassing the incomes of fellow artists Adele ($69 million) and Taylor Swift ($44 million)Much of these earnings came from the success of Lemonade” and the “Formation World Tour”, which landed the singer around $250 million. This tour has plenty of signs of surpassing that.

Going to a Beyonce Concert

This is going to be a huge year for Beyonce. We usually like to keep our articles as current as possible so if you see something that needs adjusting please let us know. We hope this breakdown will help you get the best seats at a Beyonce concert near you. We know the demand is going to be through the roof. Try to act fast. If you need any additional help you can send us a message. There is no better time than right now to get Beyonce tickets. Good luck and we hope you all get those amazing floor seats.


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