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  • Our Current #1 Ticket Site.
  • Buy and Sell Tickets with Ease.
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  • Providing Buyers with a Simple to Use Platform.
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  • Exclusive Rewards and Savings.
  • Lower Buyer and Seller Fees.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service.

What Qualifies a Site for Our ‘Best Ticket Sites’ List? It’s a rigorous process to make it onto our list, and that’s intentional. We meticulously evaluate various factors, which we’ll discuss comprehensively. Our list of top ticket sites is not static; it’s regularly updated to reflect the most dependable options available. Unlike some platforms that limit their recommendations to a Top 10 or Top 5, we pride ourselves on a selection that represents the absolute elite in ticketing websites.

Over the last decade, we’ve established relationships with numerous trusted ticket sites. We’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many sites, but a core group has consistently maintained its standing in our rankings.

We’re excited to present our current picks for the best ticket sites. While the ranking may fluctuate occasionally, rest assured that choosing any of these sites for your concert ticket needs is a decision you can feel confident about.

Best Place to Buy Tickets

The trusted sites listed above are the best ticket websites available for you. That is without saying. Our experience in the ticketing industry has led us to identify standout websites that consistently deliver excellence. While opinions may vary on specific aspects, StubHub is currently the best choice for ticket sites this year.

StubHub – A veteran in ticket reselling, StubHub offers unparalleled access to a wide array of events. Its standout feature is the extensive international ticket availability, surpassing its competitors. Discover more about StubHub.

SeatGeek – Long-standing as the top site, SeatGeek remains a favorite. Despite a slight dip in its edge recently, its legitimacy and reliability are unquestionable. This year, however, we find StubHub slightly outpaces it. Explore our comprehensive SeatGeek Guide for more insights.

Vivid Seats – Our journey with ticket reselling began with Their longevity in the market is commendable. They offer attractive perks, but to climb higher on our list, technological advancements are needed. Our detailed look of Vivid Seats is a click away.

Ticket Network – A big-time player in the ticket industry, TicketNetwork has a considerably large inventory and broad event access. While their technology might feel dated, their customer service is reliable in times of need. Learn more about TicketNetwork.

ZSeats – Our most recent addition is They have a great layout and the information you would want for the best seats and ticket prices. They could be a site worth using to find all kinds of random events in your city.

TickPick – With around 15 years of service, TickPick has gained a loyal following, especially among those who appreciate its no-fee ticketing approach. Our TickPick guide elaborates on their unique feeless ticket process.

Ticket Squeeze – We see Ticket Squeeze showing promise in a competitive market. Our interactions with their CEO reassured us of their commitment to the industry. For an in-depth understanding, read our comprehensive look at Ticket Squeeze.

Concert Ticket Sites

When it comes to purchasing concert tickets, the choices are abundant. All the sites we’ve discussed offer a wide range of options. However, when it comes down to selecting the best for concert tickets, there’s one that stands out for us.

Our Top Pick: SeatGeek

SeatGeek earns our top recommendation for concert ticket purchases. The key factor? Their extensive inventory. They offer an impressive array of tickets for upcoming concerts, surpassing others in variety and availability. This wealth of options means you’re more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a last-minute ticket or a specific seating preference.

Best Sports Ticket Websites

Selecting the top website for sports tickets requires considering the range and pricing of tickets available. While all our listed sites provide options for sporting events, we aim to pinpoint the leader in this arena.

Top Choice for Sports Tickets: StubHub

StubHub emerged as the leading choice for sports tickets. Their expansive inventory and competitive pricing set them apart. This is especially evident in events like MLB games, where StubHub often offers a more extensive selection and better deals. Although this might not always be the case across all sports, StubHub’s superior inventory keeps them at the top of sports tickets.

Super Bowl Tickets – Go with StubHub

For high-profile events like the Super Bowl, StubHub is our recommended destination. Their proven track record in providing access to such hard-to-get tickets makes them a reliable choice for securing a spot at major sporting events.

Who has the Cheapest Fees?

The topic of ticket fees, no fees, and hidden fees, is complex, and preferences vary among buyers. Our in-depth exploration of this subject, including the truth about ticket pricing and all-in pricing strategies, can be found on other pages.

Our Pick for Transparent Fees: TickPick

It’s important to understand the industry’s shift in fee disclosure. Historically, ticket sites have delayed revealing their fees until the final stages of purchase to minimize initial price shock. This practice has been a point of contention for many consumers.

In recent years, there’s been a significant change. Ticket companies now employ methods like all-in pricing and toggle features to reveal fees upfront. While it’s understood that fees are inevitable, their magnitude can vary by event.

TickPick earns our commendation for integrating fees into their listed ticket prices, leading the way in transparency. However, this doesn’t automatically mean they offer the cheapest tickets. The fees are built into the ticket’s cost, making direct comparisons essential. In some cases, TickPick offers more economical options, while other times, different resellers may provide better value.

Fair Ticket Prices

Identifying a good ticket site involves several factors, with availability being the primary criterion. Once this is established, the next step is to assess which platforms offer the best value for money. Our site focuses on this in great detail.

Prioritizing Fair Pricing and Secure Transactions

It’s essential not only to find tickets at fair prices but also to ensure the security of your transactions. The safety of both your funds and tickets is a paramount concern. We’ve carefully selected sites that consistently demonstrate reliability and security, giving you peace of mind with every purchase.

Start Your Price Comparison Journey

The journey to finding the best cheap ticket site begins now. By exploring the options we’ve highlighted, you can compare prices and features yourself. This hands-on approach allows you to personally determine which site aligns best with your criteria for affordability and value. Your opinion is the ultimate guide in deciding which ticket site offers the best combination of reasonable pricing and trustworthy service.

Primary vs. Secondary Ticket Sites

For those new to the world of ticketing, grasping the distinction between primary and secondary ticket platforms is crucial. While we cover this topic in greater detail on a dedicated page, here’s a brief overview:

Primary Ticket Sites

Primary ticket vendors like Ticketmaster, LiveNation, and AXS are the initial points of sale for events. When major artists like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, or Dua Lipa announce a concert tour, these platforms are typically where tickets first become available. They organize sales and distribution, aiming to ensure tickets reach the correct purchasers. However, this initial sale phase often raises concerns about ticket availability and pricing fairness among fans.

Secondary Ticket Sites

Ticket resale sites, such as the ones we’ve discussed, come into play post-initial sale. These platforms offer tickets that were initially sold on primary sites but are now being resold. They’re the go-to for those who missed the original sale or decided later to attend an event. Here, pricing can vary significantly, with tickets sometimes listed above or even below their original face value, depending on demand and availability.

Navigating Between Primary and Secondary Markets

You have the option to join queues on primary sites for initial sales or explore the secondary market for potentially good deals. It’s important to note that primary vendors like Ticketmaster also operate significant reseller marketplaces, blurring the lines between primary and secondary sales. This dual role often leads to questions about fairness and value in Ticketmaster’s pricing.

Tip – While Ticketmaster is primarily known as a direct sales vendor, their substantial reseller marketplace is also worth exploring, though it’s essential to stay informed about pricing dynamics to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Best Place to Sell Tickets

When it comes to selling tickets, security and reliability are critical. It’s essential to choose a platform that not only facilitates a smooth buying experience but also offers a seamless process for sellers. Most of the ticket sites we’ve discussed provide the functionality to sell your tickets, often enabling you to relist them immediately after purchase.

Top Picks for Ticket Sellers: SeatGeek and StubHub

SeatGeek and StubHub are neck and neck, each with its own merits. However, StubHub slightly edges out in terms of seller technology and its expansive customer base. This wider audience can be a significant advantage for sellers looking to reach more potential buyers.

While StubHub’s selling fees are somewhat higher compared to SeatGeek, this cost is often offset by the higher volume of customers browsing the site. This increased traffic can translate to quicker sales and potentially better prices for your tickets.

TicketsTO Transparency

At TicketsTO, we understand the importance of trust and transparency in our guides. As you navigate through our assessments of various ticket sites, we ask you to rely on our expertise and honest opinions, shaped by years of direct experience with these resellers.

Real Experiences, Honest Guides

No ticketing service is indeed flawless; issues can arise just like in any business. The real test, however, is how these companies respond when problems occur. Based on our experiences, we can confidently say that the sites we recommend have a strong track record of addressing issues effectively.

Earning a spot on our list is difficult. We approach our selection process seriously, aiming to ensure that our visitors can buy and sell tickets with confidence and peace of mind.

Personal Experience as a Cornerstone of Our Guides

We’ve personally purchased tickets from most of the platforms we talk about, using our funds. This hands-on approach has mostly resulted in successful transactions. For instance, we encountered an issue with tickets bought from, but their customer service promptly resolved it, ensuring a full refund.

Offering Genuine Insights

While we have affiliations with some of these sites, our goal is to provide genuine, user-based experiences, not just automated content with insincere endorsements. We strive to be an industry leader offering real insights, ensuring our guides reflect actual user experiences.

Technology and Software

This industry has witnessed a significant technological evolution over the years. With a plethora of events and constantly updating data, it’s crucial for a ticket site to offer the latest, most accurate information. Factors like ticket listings, seating charts, mobile compatibility, and overall user experience are critical in differentiating the best.

Top Performer in Technology: SeatGeek

When it comes to using technology on ticket websites, SeatGeek is ahead of the game. They make finding tickets easy and fast, just like using a search engine. Their website is clean and simple, which helps you get what you need without any hassle. SeatGeek has a mix of easy-to-use design and cutting-edge tech that puts them at the top.

Close Contender: TickPick

TickPick follows closely, with its minimalist design contributing significantly to its rising popularity. The clean and intuitive interface of TickPick enhances user experience, potentially positioning it to overtake the top spot in the future.

Other Thoughts – Platforms like StubHub, could greatly benefit from a comprehensive overhaul of its layout and design. A major undertaking like this could significantly elevate their user experience.

Our Comparison Pages

We’re dedicated to helping you find the best ticket site for your needs. We understand that making an informed decision requires detailed information. That’s why we’ve created in-depth comparison pages, examining the top ticket platforms side by side.

Detailed Analysis: StubHub vs. SeatGeek

Our first comparison page covers StubHub vs. SeatGeek. We break down the advantages and drawbacks of each, providing a balanced view to help you understand which might suit your specific needs better. Whether you’re looking for the best deals, user experience, or customer service, this page offers valuable insights.

Triple Comparison: VividSeats, SeatGeek, and StubHub

To give you an even broader perspective, we’ve crafted a comprehensive page comparing VividSeats vs. SeatGeek vs. StubHub. Analyzing three of the top ticket sites together allows for an overall outlook. This one-page comparison lays out the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of each site, making it easier for you to evaluate them against each other.

Trust Yourself and the Process

While we offer our expertise and insights, we also recommend looking at other sources for a well-rounded perspective. A great resource is the Better Business Bureau (, where you can find additional information and clarity on the ticket websites we’ve discussed.

Each ticket site we’ve mentioned brings something unique to the table. The diversity in services, pricing, and user experiences means more choices for you. The competitive nature of the ticket resale market is a boon for consumers. This competition keeps prices in check and motivates each company to maintain legitimacy and customer satisfaction.

In the industry of ticket resales, there isn’t just one ‘top site’. The best choice varies depending on individual needs and preferences. The decision of which site works best for you rests in your hands. We’re here to guide you, but your requirements and experiences will be the deciding factor.

Your Questions, Answered: Explore Our FAQs

We know you might have questions about ticket sites, and we’re here to help! To assist you, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions, addressing the common inquiries we often receive. This section is designed to provide quick, clear answers to what you might be wondering about ticket sites, their services, and how they operate.

Which is the most visited ticket Website? Ticketmaster remains on top due to its connection with the primary tickets it sells. On top of that, having a solid resale platform also gives them even more traffic.

Most visited Ticket reseller website? In terms of resale sites, StubHub holds the top spot for the most visited reseller broker. Other sites are close, but they get the most traffic.

Who has the Cheapest Tickets? This is a question that changes all of the time. This is why so many people do price comparisons since one site could be cheaper this time, but more expensive the next.

Who has the Best Ticket Fees? If you are only looking at the fees themselves we have to put TickPick at the top of the list since they don’t have buyer’s fees. This doesn’t mean they are the cheapest overall.

Is My Money Safe with These Sites? Your money is safe when buying from our top six sites. This won’t be an issue if you run into a problem.

Are These Sites Scams? People are always asking if a ticket site is legit or a scam. You have to think about any business. They are trying to make money and not trying to scam the money from you. They would not be in business anymore if they were scams.

If your question isn’t covered in our quick FAQ, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re committed to ensuring you have all the information you need, so feel free to send us a message with any specific queries or concerns. Remember, our primary goal is to enhance your user experience, whether you’re buying or selling tickets.

Let’s Close it Out

Congratulations on reaching the end of our comprehensive guide! We understand the importance of making well-informed decisions in any marketplace, and we hope our detailed list of the best ticket sites has provided clarity and direction. We’ll keep our information up-to-date, reflecting any changes as ticket brokers rise or fall in their service quality. While there’s always room for improvement in the industry, our current recommendations offer a solid starting point for your ticketing needs. Keep this guide handy for a smoother journey in the dynamic world of tickets.