Interested in going to a concert? If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, make sure that when you do, you are purchasing the best tickets you can. This doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive tickets you can find, though! A lot of people automatically assume this, and it ends up not only costing them more to go to the show, but it decreases the amount of fun that they have while at their event. We don’t want this to happen to you. If you are looking for the best place to sit for a concert, be sure that you read on.

Get Your Tickets!

Do you love going to concerts? Are you the guy or girl that people come to for advice about which shows to go see? If so, do you know which seats are the best at all the local venues? Odds are, you probably know a lot about one or two venues, but not all of them. If this is the case, then you need to be careful when you’re purchasing your tickets. You go see concerts to have fun, but if you don’t have great seats, your fun is diminished. It defeats the whole point of going out for the night!

What do you do about this? Do you just hope that your tickets end up being good? Of course not! Spend a few minutes to find the best seats at the best price.

Here are some things to take into consideration.

Venues are Different

Not all venues have the same seating structure. A seat number at one stadium that has the absolute best view might be a horrible seat location at another stadium.

Seats are Very ImportantThis is why so many sites are adopting the use of seating charts right on their sites. Some sites have this right on the selection page, while others require you to click on another link to see where you’re sitting. This extra step does take an extra moment, but it is worth taking. You need to be able to see where the stage is, and where you’re seated in terms of this. Some sites, like SeatGeek, have very strong and interactive charts available for you. If you’re going to a concert at Madison Square Garden, you can look at all of the seats available here (

Some of the bigger ticket sites have these features, and these are where you should start. Even if you end up not buying tickets through one of these sites, but go through a reputable smaller site, you can still use these resources for guidance as you shop around, checking out prices at different sites so that you can find the best deals possible.

Check the Venue

You’re probably wondering if there are resources out there for finding out exactly where your seats will be located. If the site you are buying tickets from doesn’t have a seating chart readily available for you to look at, the venue itself will most likely have a chart on its website. For example, if you are purchasing tickets for a show at Madison Square Garden, you can go right to their site and see what you’re looking at. You can find their seating chart here (

Some smaller venues will likely not have seating charts available. This does create a dilemma if you have never been there. If you find yourself in a situation like this, we suggest looking around on YouTube. There are videos out there for almost everything, and you are very likely to find some hints about where you will be sitting and find evidence to help you make a more informed decision.

Take Price into Account

Price is certainly something that you need to think about when you’re buying tickets. Ideally, you won’t spend too much money when you find your ideal seats, and sometimes you will need to make sacrifices in terms of quality so that you can keep your expenses down when you buy tickets.

But do remember that your ideal ticket location might not necessarily be the most expensive ticket! You need to look at the different places available, think about your own personal expenses, and then move from there. You might be pleasantly surprised by how little you need to spend on tickets to find yourself in the ideal location. Checking this out beforehand will give you the best chances of having fun while you’re out.

Ask Others

One of the great things about the internet is that it makes communication easy and instant. If you have questions about finding the best seats for the concert, someone has likely already written about it on the internet. Forums, ticket site discussion pages, and many other resources exist that are designed to help you find exactly what you need to know about ticket locations.
But what if that information doesn’t exist yet? Then what should you do?

In this instance, you can always ask questions of your own. Most ticket sites have comments or questions sections, and if you ask your question there, someone is bound to answer. If you are not getting a timely response, branch out. Ask at a few ticket sites, ask your questions on forums, or wherever else seems relevant. If you are persistent, you will get an answer.

You can also call the venue’s customer service department itself. These last few suggestions certainly aren’t ideal, but if you need the information so that you can enjoy the concert more then these extra steps taken right now can help you to have a more enjoyable experience later on. It all depends on how important where you sit is to you.

The Best Place to Sit

When you go out to see your favorite band play, you want to enjoy yourself. That’s why you go, right? You could just sit at home and listen to their songs on your computer, but the experience is totally different when it’s a live setting. You go to concerts for this unique experience, and when you do, you want to have the most fun that you can have. To find the best seats possible, you just need to use the tools that you already have available to you. Balance this with your price requirements, and you will have a ton more fun at your event than you would ever have without this.

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