Our original goal still holds. We want to help you find the best place to sit at a football game without exceeding your budget. Although there are different experience levels, the seats you purchase will be a big determining factor. We will discuss many of the other things when it comes to the best seats at a football game. We will go over a breakdown of an NFL stadium and the options you have within.

We Will Help You Find the Best Place to Sit at a Football Game.

Here is what you will find below. You can scroll down to the area that meets your needs or you can keep reading. We wanted to be very thorough when we put this together.

We’ll begin with a detailed seating chart of an NFL Stadium, in this instance, the iconic AT&T Stadium. This serves as the home of the Dallas Cowboys and hosts a multitude of prestigious college football games. Moreover, its year-round calendar is packed with diverse events ranging from concerts to rodeos.

Seating Chart at Football Stadiums

Our insights have assisted thousands of fans in discovering superior seating at favorable prices. With a large number of exciting games lining up this season, the decision of when to make that purchase rests with you. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

We know how expensive football tickets, especially NFL tickets can be. Use this as a resource and apply it to the stadium of your choice. Although section names and sponsors could be different, the general idea should replicate the stadium of your choosing.

AT&T Stadium – General NFL Stadium Seating

We are committed to looking at every aspect of the stadium. Regardless of the teams in play, the seating layout remains constant. It’s the ticket prices that are always changing and we must adapt to the revolving prices. Additionally, certain considerations can be applied across different sections throughout the stadium.

Lower Levels

In all NFL stadiums, the lower level provides an unparalleled vantage point for game viewing. Proximity to the action is a premium, allowing you to feel part of the action. Additionally, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant energy of the crowd. Beyond exclusive suites and club-level seating, these seats command some of the highest prices in stadiums. Yet, there are options within the lower level that offer cost savings without losing out on the amazing view.

Here’s an image of our row-by-row ticket-hunting process. It’s essential to revisit the seat availability 2-3 times per week. If you notice lower-priced seats further down the section, it’s reasonable to anticipate a potential price reduction for the remaining seats at some point. However, if a deal is too good to pass up then you should jump on it.

Picking the Right Row at the Right Time
Look at all rows before you commit. Better deals are all over the Stadium.

End Zones

Let’s shift our focus to the end zones. Some of the most iconic images and footage are captured from these vantage points. Therefore, if you opt for this location, a bit of fortune may enhance your experience. The lower five rows of end zone seating are among the most thrilling and sought-after in the stadium. Whether the play is moving toward you or unfolding in the opposite direction, you have a chance to witness the game with an outstanding viewpoint.

Let’s look into the anticipated costs associated with end-zone seating and explore the more advantageous deals available. The image below illustrates a scenario we term ‘two-rows-back savings’. Merely moving two rows back results in not just a minor price decrease, but a substantial $151 reduction per ticket. Our goal is to set you up with the knowledge and strategies needed to become a highly proficient and savvy ticket buyer.

End Zone Ticket Scenarios and Deals
Look at the cost savings if you were to only go two rows back in the same section.

200 Level

The 200-level wraps around the entire lower level, sitting just above it. However, it’s important to note that not all 200-level seats offer identical views and amenities. Many of these are classified as club-level seats, granting access to enhanced facilities such as superior restrooms and exclusive lounges within the stadium. The availability of these seats may be less frequent compared to other sections. Let’s examine the ticket prices. Seats located on the 50-yard line in the 200-level are among the stadium’s most premium, commanding higher prices. These seats are perfectly situated and equipped with luxurious amenities and much more.

In this instance, some of the most desirable seats in this section are setting the precedent with their pricing. The costs are set at a level that consumers find satisfactory. However, when you examine other seats with inferior vantage points, you’ll find their prices surprisingly higher. Thus, in this context, these tickets could potentially offer excellent value for money.

200 Level Seats with Great Views and Amenities
Tone setter for the section. You can see how there are more expensive seats further back.

Mezzanine Level

The term ‘mezzanine level’ usually implies a similar seating level across most stadiums, but it’s wise to verify with the specific venue you’re interested in. Focusing on the AT&T Stadium, we’re examining the 300-level seats located at the corners of the end zones. These seats offer a decent viewpoint with a distinctive diagonal perspective. Although their pricing tends to hover slightly above our ideal range, attractive deals could still be had. The pertinent question then arises: could these seats be the best place to sit?

In the following image, you’ll observe an assortment of available seats. Pay particular attention to those that we’ve highlighted. They represent some of the best seating options in this area and come at a higher price point.

Mezzanine Level Seating Deals
This is another location worth checking back multiple times for a great deal.

Upper Level

The consensus tends to be that the Upper Level is an area best avoided when possible. While there may be circumstances where these seats provide value, for most cases—particularly if you’re only requiring two tickets—we advise seeking seating alternatives.

The cost structure of the Upper Level particularly in areas between the 40-yard lines shows some interesting prices. Keep in mind that these prices can change depending on who the team is playing against and how well the team has been doing. We’re basing our study on a game that’s better than usual, and we’re doing this study long before the season starts. A ton of seats are typically available on the Upper Level. However, as you’ll observe in the image below, the prices can seem high for the 400-level seats. Choose wisely.

Upper Level Seating and Ticket Prices
These seats are at the 50-yard line and are super expensive compared to much better locations.

Loge Seats

If you choose to sit on the upper level, we recommend the Loge Seats. Even though they can still be a bit expensive, they offer some benefits. For one, you get to sit a little bit away from the crowd. You’ll likely get to sit on comfy cushions or fancy chairs, and you’ll have more space. Plus, you might get extras like better parking spots. Remember, you can find these types of seats in other stadiums too, not just this one.

Best Place to Sit at a Football Game - Loge Seats Worth a Shot if You Can Find Them

Club Seats

Club seats offer a good amount of small perks that greatly enhance the overall experience. Take, for instance, AT&T Stadium, which boasts over 15,000 club seats. These seats are sought after by many looking to enjoy the game in style. Generally, club seats span multiple levels and line both sidelines, with ticket prices largely dependent on proximity to the yard marker rather than the side you’re on.

Beyond the prime seating, you’ll enjoy benefits such as extra legroom, cushioned seats, premium food and beverage choices, shorter restroom lines, and exclusive access to various clubs within the stadium. For those seeking to elevate their game-day experience, considering the club level is a must.

Take a moment to observe the significant price fluctuations between neighboring rows. If high ticket prices are a concern, you’ll want to thoroughly investigate to find the best deal.

Club Level Seats in the NFL
Check out some of the price swings in very similar locations within the same section.

Luxury Suites

Suites, this is where the game truly comes alive for the wealthy fans. A suite experience varies from city to city, but it’s a universal truth across NFL stadiums: if you’ve got the cash to splash, you can enjoy the game in style and privacy. Think of great seats plus some of the best comforts a team can offer.

So, what’s on the suite menu? Picture climate-controlled spaces that keep you cool even when the game is heating up, WiFi to keep you connected, private restrooms—no lines, no fuss, prime parking options that make arriving and leaving a breeze, and plenty of room for about 50. Over at AT&T Stadium, the choice is staggering—you have access to 300-plus suites. Check out below for a snapshot of what one of these suites might set you back.

Try to Get Suite Level Tickets

Standing Room Only

Your most budget-friendly option, albeit a last resort, might be the standing-room-only areas. These vary by stadium, but AT&T Stadium offers several. Situated on both ends of the end zone, you’ll find three tiers of these sections. Tickets are typically available, and at the moment, they’re priced just over $50. While the lack of a seat might make these areas less desirable, they do represent the most affordable way to catch a game, should you be open to standing.

NFL Standing Room Only Seats

Home Team Side vs Opponent Side

The side you choose can indeed make a difference in certain scenarios. For example, the closer your seats are, the more you may notice a price increase from one sideline to the other. This isn’t a major concern typically, but it’s always wise to check both sides. You might relish the opportunity to see your favorite players up close. As you move towards seats further back, you’ll find that prices on both sides tend to compare in similar nature.

Amenities Inside

Here is a list of amenities you can expect as you upgrade from low-end seats to VIP seats.

  • In-seat waiter service
  • Private restrooms
  • Lounge and club access.
  • Parking passes
  • Private entrances
  • TVs
  • More comfortable seating – Couches and cushions.
  • Shorter lines for food and souvenirs.
  • Here is a deeper list at AT&T Stadium. You can expect similar items at all NFL stadiums.

Some Seat Images – We want to thank SeatGeek for the stadium images.

Ticket Prices at Football Stadiums

Aside from finding the best seating at an NFL game, fans are most concerned about the ticket prices they’ll encounter. Each team and stadium has its unique pricing structure, primarily dictated by supply and demand and the anticipated turnout at each game. For instance, tickets for a Kansas City Chiefs game are likely to be pricier than those for a Houston Texans game. It’s important to monitor various sections in the stadium you plan to visit and observe how ticket prices fluctuate as we approach and progress through the season.

Ticket Sites Worth Checking Out

Well, thanks for the information, but where do I get my tickets? We have several sources we work with and each one is equally as good. Some sites will offer better deals at times while most of the time, ticket prices will remain around the same. Listed below are our top four ticket sites.

SeatGeek – Our go-to site for last-minute and anything NFL.
Vivid Seats – Continues to provide great customer service and great deals.
Ticket Squeeze – A newer site offering promo codes for cheaper NFL tickets.
StubHub – The Godfather of third-party ticket sites. You can always count on tickets at StubHub.

Teams of the NFL

In case you don’t feel like searching, here is a list of all 32 teams and more information about their stadium. For the New York Giants and New York Jets, the seating is the same. As for the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams, you will find the same seats as well.

AT&T Stadium Gillette Stadium Raymond James Stadium
Allegiant Stadium Hard Rock Stadium Soldier Field
GEHA Field at Arrowhead Acrisure Stadium SoFi Stadium
Bank of America Stadium Lambeau Field State Farm Stadium
Lumen Field Levi’s Stadium Nissan Stadium
Empower Field at Mile High Lincoln Financial Field TIAA Bank Field
FedExField Lucas Oil Stadium U.S. Bank Stadium
Cleveland Browns Stadium M&T Bank Stadium NRG Stadium
Ford Field Mercedes-Benz Stadium Paycor Stadium
MetLife Stadium Caesars Superdome Highmark Stadium

Night Game vs Day Game

When selecting which game to attend, the timing can play a significant role. Ticket prices often fluctuate based on the day and time of the game. Prime-time matchups may be highly coveted by fans, but it’s worth noting that these games tend to run late. If you’re seeking better deals, day games on Sundays can often present more favorable options since prime-time games are typically reserved for intense rivalries or carefully orchestrated by the NFL.

Tips for Saving Some Money

If there’s one crucial takeaway from this extensive article on seating, it’s this: the best seats aren’t always the most expensive. To find them, you need to explore various sections. Additionally, it’s essential to be persistent and check multiple times unless you stumble upon a fantastic deal right away.

College Football Stadiums

All of the information is relatively the same for college football stadiums. The quantity of seating will remain, but some of the higher-end seats won’t be as abundant. We will provide the best place to sit for a college football game in the next of this series. We already spoke about the best place to sit at a baseball game, so be sure to check that out.

It’s important to note that there are numerous college stadiums, each with its unique characteristics worthy of mention. However, due to the sheer number, it’s not feasible to cover them all in this article. Remember to apply the same principles: consider specific sections of interest and navigate through different rows to find your ideal seat.

Go to a Game This Year

In conclusion, you now have an opportunity to experience an NFL game from some of the best seats available. We understand that ticket prices can be steep, which is why we created this guide to assist you. While it’s important to be mindful of your budget, don’t hesitate to seek out the best seating option within your means. Creating unforgettable memories at a live game is truly priceless. Investing a little extra in a superior section, row, and seat will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment. If you have any inquiries regarding the various stadiums in the NFL, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Wishing you the best of luck in your search for the best place to sit at a football game.