What are the Best Seats in a Baseball Stadium

We are going to do our best to help you find the best seats in the baseball stadium without confusion. We will take a real example of a real stadium and give you the details needed for a better ball game experience.

Finding the best place to sit at a baseball game may determine the experience you will have. Deciding to go to an MLB game will be your first step, but ultimately, the seats you purchase will be the most important part of the process.

We will go over what it takes to get the best seats for a baseball game and how you can find some deals. We all know better seats will most likely lead to a higher price tag. That being said, when it comes to baseball you don’t have to spend a small fortune on seats.

We Will Help You Find the Best Place to Sit at a Baseball Game.

The seating chart is the first thing we want to discuss. Names of sections will vary since each stadium has its own unique features. However, the sections listed below will cover nearly 90% of the baseball seats around the league. We will use Yankee Stadium as our sample ballpark.

June 14
10:30 pm
June 14, Fri, 10:30 pm
Fenway Park - Boston
June 15
11:15 pm
June 15, Sat, 11:15 pm
Fenway Park - Boston
June 16
11:10 pm
June 16, Sun, 11:10 pm
Fenway Park - Boston
June 18
11:05 pm
June 18, Tue, 11:05 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 19
11:05 pm
June 19, Wed, 11:05 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 20
08:05 pm
June 20, Thu, 08:05 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 21
11:05 pm
June 21, Fri, 11:05 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 22
11:15 pm
June 22, Sat, 11:15 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 23
05:35 pm
June 23, Sun, 05:35 pm
Yankee Stadium - Bronx
June 25
11:10 pm
June 25, Tue, 11:10 pm
Citi Field - Flushing

Seating Chart at Baseball Stadiums

So you made your way to SeatGeek, StubHub, Vivid Seats, or even Ticketmaster and are ready to buy seats for an upcoming game. Maybe you’ve been to a couple of games in the past, but you are still not sure where to sit. Well, we will help you break down some of the sections at most stadiums around the Majors. By the time you are done reading this, you will be proficient in seat picking.

Best Seats at a Baseball Stadium
A Closer Look at Yankee Stadium and the different sections to choose from.

Field Level

Some of the better seats in the building are on the field level. If you look at the image above you can see all of the sections directly around the field. These are the seats that will get you closest to the action. Depending on which row you get in the field level could also mean what kinds of balls will come your way. Since baseball is so spread out, you will most likely have a distinct close-up look at 1-to 2 players. This is something to consider if you want to watch a specific player up close. Some of these seats are like courtside seats at a basketball game. Not all stadiums have field-level seats all around the building. Some are blocked by walls, water, or other obstacles. The field level does provide you access to some of the best seats in baseball, which are near the dugouts or behind home plate which we will discuss next.

A Great View from Field Level Seats
A Great View from Field Level Seats at Yankee Stadium – Image Source SeatGeek

Dugout Level

Seats on either side or behind the dugout are some of the most sought-after seats. The reasons are obvious when it comes to player-watching, but it’s the view of the game that stands out. You get to see the inner workings of the comings and goings of players and the action of the game very closely. The closer to the front row you get will determine the price. You could pay a lot less for a row or two behind the front row. A lot of times if you are willing to pay for these seats, you might as well upgrade to the best seats possible.

Views from the Dug Out Seats at Yankee Stadium
Views from the Dug Out Seats at Yankee Stadium – Image Source SeatGeek

Homeplate Level

When it comes to sitting behind home plate you have access to some of the best seats in the building no matter the stadium. Any seat between the two dugouts is considered a Homeplate seat. Not all of these seats are considered equal of course. Besides the row, there are always VIP seats within these sections. You can have access to Leather Recliners and special amenities. If you don’t want to pay for those things consider areas a little further back and left/right of the center. You will see how prices will drop. The home plate seats will give you the best vantage point of the pitch coming in and the hitter making a move on the ball. With so many great seats around each stadium, these are the ones we suggest you look at first.

Take Advantage of Home Plate Seating if you can Get It.
Here is a view of behind home plate at Yankee Stadium – Image Source SeatGeek

Section 100

Although we say section 100, these are seats around the stadium just like the field level. You may see this section in double digits as well. It will vary at each ballpark. There are always cut-ins of sections that will make the section a smaller piece of what you are seeing. The 100-level section will give you some great views. They are close to the field and will carry a strong price tag.

Section 100 Seats go almost all around the Stadium
A great view from the deep third baseline. – Image Source SeatGeek

Section 200

Once you get to the 200 level at stadiums you need to start looking deeper at the seating options. They may have names such as terrace or mezzanine to make them sound better than they are. You will not be close up to the field. However, this is usually the section where you can find plenty of clubs and Suites, which we will discuss soon. One thing that may have an advantage is the coverage you get from the upper deck sections. In baseball, if it rains hard enough they will postpone the game, but in spitty weather, this could be a saving grace. We will talk about row choice below. This could be something to think about when it comes to upgrading without paying the heavy premium price.

You can find some great views with section 200 seats.
This is a view from section 200 above the first baseline – Image Source SeatGeek

Section 300 – 400 – 500 – Grandstand (Upper Deck)

There are all kinds of names when it comes to upper deck seating. You may find some decent seats within these sections, but we always push for you to move down to the 200 level. Obviously, if budget is the concern here or you have a big party, these seats could suit you well. Just remember what we said at the beginning, the best place to sit at a baseball game will determine your experience in most cases. Try to pay the extra money per ticket to get closer to the field. Or at least sit behind home plate in the grandstand level.

They make them look way better on Paper
These are some of the Grandstand views at Yankee Stadium – Image Source SeatGeek

Club Level

If you are looking to take a game in with some style, then look for some club seats. It’s quite amazing how many different club sections there are available. You’ll have to do some digging to get the best price. These club-level seats are not necessarily considered box seats. These are the seats that have their own little section cutouts that provide you with those extra amenities. Some of these perks include concierge services, special parking, access to certain bars and areas inside the stadium, and several other options. If you want to pay up for these things then go ahead.

Now, there are club seats around home plate and the dugouts. These will be the best views and will cost the most. You’ll start to notice real quick all of the different names such as Legends, VIPs, Champions, and others.

All of these clubs have sponsored names. These will change all of the time based on their advertising budget. One year it could be the Delta Club and the next year it can be called the Audi Club. Don’t let the name fool you on price.

There are Club Level seats everywhere
A look from a Club Level Seat in the Outfield – Image Source SeatGeek


Suites can have multiple meanings when it comes to certain sports. In the case of baseball, suites can be the premier seating. From Dugout to Dugout and up close, be ready to spend a lot of money on tickets. Try not to let the names of the sections confuse you.

You then have the other types of suites that are like other sports such as football and basketball. These seats are for a small group of people (15-30). The suites are usually bought out by big companies, but sometimes tickets become available within a suite. You will need to talk to the Yankee organization about these seats since they require certain food and drink purchases. Although you will have decent views, you will most likely be there for entertainment purposes. Kids won’t be as excited even though they are luxurious.

Check out these Legends Suites at Yankee Stadium right behind home plate. These seats currently run $800+ a ticket.

Here is a Look at the top view at Yankee Stadium
This is one experience you’ll never forget if you can get tickets here. – Image Source SeatGeek


Not all bleachers are created equal. Some of these have seatbacks while others do not. These seats are great for families and or those looking for the home run ball. This section can also be a little bit rowdier in certain ballparks so if you are bringing kids be sure to look into that. Sometimes you will have access to party decks and other fun amenities.

When it comes to pricing, you will see how two rows behind a regular section of seats will be more than half the amount for a very similar seat. This is where you can save a bunch of money when researching. A first-row bleacher seat will also cost you sometimes two or even three times more than the bleacher row just behind it.

** You have to decide whether you want to pay for a front-row seat in a section or save a lot of money by sitting a few rows back in that section. This will be the case in many different sections throughout the stadiums.

Standing Room

These are good for last-minute spectators or if the game is sold out for reasons such as the playoffs. If you want to take in the ball game for a few innings and check out the bars this is a great way to save. You’ll have to research this as some stadiums don’t have this option.

Sections within Sections

Most sections around stadiums will have upgradeable seats. This is critical to understand when doing your research. You may find seats that are $100, but look over a seat and see it costing $300. Although you may be in the same section, you have ways to upgrade to VIP levels. This will include everything from leather seats, recliners, more legroom, concierge service, and other things that will make your experience that much better. It seems like there are always ways to upgrade.

Home Run and Foul Ball Areas

Each stadium will have its own area where the balls tend to fly. If you want to catch foul balls we suggest you look at the field level seating on both baselines. You can consider the 200 level for fewer balls which could cost you less.

As for home runs, we talked about bleacher seats. These seats tend to be in the deep outfield where the home runs go. All seats along the wall will put you in the home run territory. Remember to go a couple of rows back from the wall if you want to save money.

Better Seats for Less (Tips)

Now that you have a breakdown of the many different sections to sit in at a baseball game, it’s time to get into some of the helpful tips that may get you a better seat or at the least a better price. These are some of the things to think about before making a purchase. This is mainly about cost savings so if the price doesn’t matter then you might as well check out some of the ticket listings at SeatGeek.

Whatever team you like or follow will dictate how much tickets will cost. Games in Yankee Stadium will cost more than games in Coors Field. Certain stadiums will carry a heavier price tag. So with that being said, there are certain teams when they come to visit that will boost the price of the ticket. Demand will pick up heavily for a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. Rivalry games will more often than not cost more.

Top Rivalries include

Mets vs Phillies
Cardinals vs Cubs
Dodgers vs Giants
Yankees vs Red Sox

There are plenty of other rivalries out there. These are just a few worth mentioning right now.

Night Game vs Day Game

A game on a Wednesday night will most likely have a little more weight than a game during the day. Most people are working during the day and will have a hard time taking off. You will see more of these games during the summer months, but keep an eye out for price differences between the two. This is a way to save a few bucks if you act on it.

Weekday Game vs. Weekend Game

The day of the week will have a little control over getting the best seat for a baseball game. You are more than likely to get a better and cheaper seat for a game on a Tuesday than a game on a Saturday afternoon. There will be a ton of seats available, especially when facing a weaker opponent. This is when you can make your move on some cheaper seats for you and your family.

Quick Example of Price Swings in a Certain Area

You can see in this quick demonstration of ticket availability behind home plate. Some of the seats are located in the Legendary Suites section while the others are located in the MVP Field Level section. Notice how the price swings are huge for very similar seats. This is where you can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands. Ideally, we would all like that first row, but you have to be realistic. One row can make a HUGE difference.

Watch how the prices swing in all kinds of seats all within reach of the same type of view.
Watch how the prices swing in all kinds of seats all within reach of the same type of view. Find the Best Price!

Major League Baseball Stadiums

Orioles Park at Camden Yards Fenway Park Yankee Stadium
Tropicana Field Rogers Centre Truist Park
LoanDepot Park CITI Field Citizens Bank Park
Nationals Park Guaranteed Rate Field Progressive Field
Comerica Park Kauffman Stadium Target Field
Wrigley Field Great American Ball Park American Family Field
PNC Park Busch Stadium Minute Maid Park
Angel Stadium Oakland Coliseum T-Mobile Park
Globe Life Field Chase Field Coors Field
Dodger Stadium Petco Park Oracle Park

We discuss when the best time to buy baseball tickets here. We go over each major league team’s stadium and break down their stadium sections and seating chart. You can select the stadium you want more information about and find the details there. There are always caveats to the process so hopefully, we can help you make an informed decision.

High-End Seating – VIP – Suites Comparison

Here is a breakdown of seats behind home plate that are just right of center. We zoomed in on the two rows to show you what you need to do. This is an example of a middle-of-section battle. Notice the price difference is $254 a ticket for only one row back. This is enough money to buy 6 upper deck tickets to put it in perspective.

A Comparison of Seats in the Best levels A Comparison of a Closer Row to the Field A Row by Row Comparison with Prices

Average Seating at a Stadium

Here is an example of how you can save money from moving 1-2 rows back or how much it will cost you to upgrade to the front row of the section. Front rows in the section will more than likely cost you more money and in most cases a lot more. We suggest you consider looking at the front row of the section if you are further away from the field. They may not be the best seats, but having that front row could increase the experience level.

Here are three sections with good seats in the 200 level at Yankee Stadium. Notice the first row Price compared to a few rows behind it. This is what we mean by how much it will save you to move back a row or two and how much it will cost you to move up a row.

Pricing Difference Between the First Row and Rows Behind It

Seating comparison on SeatGeek – We can probably do this 1000 times for each stadium, but by the end of this, you should understand what you should look for. Ticket prices are set by the seller and it will come down to what you are willing to pay for a seat. Some people are selling seats they have season tickets for and just want to make a small profit. Meanwhile, there are others such as brokers who are looking to stretch as much as they can out of it.

Resources and Conclusion

Stadium images are provided by SeatGeek

We hope this will help you make more informed decisions in the future. There is a lot to consider when purchasing baseball tickets. Check out Vivid Seats for some behind-the-plate seats. The best place to sit at a baseball game will come down to how much you want to pay in most cases. Don’t let the budget get away from you but don’t settle for a section of the stadium that isn’t worth sitting in. There will always be a seat so keep looking until you find the best seat in the ballpark.