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Will this be the year you go to a Baltimore Ravens game? You have tons of different options when it comes to the best seats, ticket prices, and how you watch the Ravens live. We will do our best to help you find the cheapest tickets possible and make your next game even better.

Listed below are tickets for the upcoming games. No matter if we are at the beginning of the preseason or ready for the Super Bowl, you’ll find the tickets below. Most sections will be listed. You will also find tickets to away games as well. Sometimes you will see parking passes listed, which is an important thing to purchase before a game.

When Should You Buy Baltimore Ravens Tickets?

When? The question that is asked the most. When should you buy Ravens tickets? There are several sides to this. One, you want to buy tickets when you have a large selection to choose from. Two, you want to buy seats at their cheapest. Three, which game should you select?

All of these points are valid. We like to think two games before the game you want to attend is your sweet spot. If they come off a win, maybe hold off a couple of days to see if prices drop. A lot of sellers will try to sell their tickets immediately after a win since demand will be up. This may cause a mixed event. Too many people selling creates too much supply. If the buyers don’t come in then the prices will drop.

There are many different things to consider when buying. If you can buy after a loss and you see an uptick in available tickets, this will be the time to make your move.

Where Should You Sit at M&T Bank Stadium?

Determining where to sit in a stadium that holds 71,000 isn’t the easiest thing. Finding the right seat, however, will come down to a few things. Are you willing to spend some extra money to get upgraded? Are you bringing the family and looking to stay on a pretty tight budget? We’ll go over some seats in the stadium to help you find what you are looking for.

Lower Level – This area of the stadium is where the biggest crowd will enjoy the game. These are decent seats and you can find the sidelines for both teams at this level. If you want to sit behind the Ravens bench look for seats in sections 126 and 127. If you want to sit behind the opponent’s team bench, look for sections 100 and 153. You may find slightly cheaper seats on the visitor’s bench side.

The Club Level – You know what this means? Style. The 200 sections are filled with great seats. There are over 7500 club-level seats available in the stadium. This makes finding one of these great seats worth it. You’ll have access to nice bathrooms and a lounge. Nice full-service bars and food options.

Upper Level – A nice way of saying, very far away. These are the most affordable seats in the stadium. Are they worth it? If you have a large group, yes. Otherwise, think about spending slightly more money on lower-level seats. You’ll have a better experience.

Suites and Luxury – There are some great amenities on the Suite level. If you can get tickets here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the offerings. There is plenty of all-inclusive style food and drinks. You’ll have comfortable seats to watch the game. Nice TVs in the suite will also give you a close-up view when you want to see the replay.

Overall, finding a seat at M&T Bank won’t be difficult. Budget will always be your main concern, but don’t let that stop you if you’re looking for a better experience.

Park By the Stadium

The most annoying expense of going to a Ravens game is having to pay for parking. If you can score and parking pass, take it. You can also use one of the parking apps out there to reserve your spot. You can expect to pay at least $10 for parking and up to $30. More parking information can be seen here.

Food Outside the Stadium

If you don’t want to eat in the stadium, you have several options you can go check out. Maybe a nice brunch beforehand or an early dinner after a 1:00 game. We give you a couple of options to check out below.

Pickles Pub – Whether you are off to a Baltimore Orioles or Ravens game, the Pickles Pub is a great sport for before and after the game fun. Some crab dip and old bay wings can go a long way. A cool spot for a meal.

101 Baltimore – This is a great spot to head to for dinner if you have the energy. They have an awesome cocktail and wine list. There is definitely some good eats to be had at 101.

Places to Stay Near M&T Stadium

You have the same hotels available as people going to the Orioles games since the stadiums are so close. Here, we list a couple of hotels based on budget, location, and style.

Hampton Inn – Baltimore Downtown – Maybe not the most exciting hotel in the bunch, but the Hampton Inn gets it done for cheap. Look to spend around $110 for a night in Baltimore.

Marriott Inner Harbor – This is a nice hotel for a nice price. The Hyatt is newer and more modern, but the Marriott will get you by for around $120. The location is nice if you are going into the Inner Harbor. Check rates for the game you want to see.

Ticket Considerations

When it comes to football, getting tickets is going to be a process. We have 8 home games guaranteed for the most part and to get to one can be a headache. Here are a couple of options to consider if you decide to start going to Ravens games.

Season Tickets – Yes, become a season ticket holder. Once you have a license you can decide which games you want to go to. You can then sell the rest and make back the money you spent. Go in on tickets with a buddy and save as well. There are a lot of possibilities with tickets these days.

Gameday Tickets – Times of buying tickets from scalpers on the streets is over. You can use sites like SeatGeek and StubHub to buy seats. You can buy tickets just a few moments before a game. You’d be surprised how many tickets get left unsold for each game.

Your options are pretty wide when it comes to tickets. Football is an easier sale than say baseball since you only have to manage the 8 games. Even if you can’t make a game one year, you can sell your tickets and get your money back and possibly make money.

A Peek at Baltimore Ravens Football

There was a lot of early dark misery for the Ravens when they relocated from Cleveland. Without getting into much of that, we’ll focus on where the Ravens are now. In 1996, the Ravens had their first season in the NFL. They are in the AFC and have been in both the AFC Central and AFC North.

In a short period, the Ravens have managed to win two Super Bowls and two Conference championships.

Rivalries versus the Cleveland Browns can get heated, but it’s the matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers that gets crazy.

Some amazing football players have come through the Ravens organization. These players include Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Jonathan Ogden.

Getting the Tickets

With only a few home games each year, picking a game to go to won’t be too difficult. Follow some of the things we mentioned to get the best seats at the cheapest price. There are tons of options you follow to find your seat. Put experience in front of budget if you can so you can have the best time possible.


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