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The Baltimore Orioles are a top-level American League team, and one of the more popular teams in all of Major League Baseball. Tickets to Baltimore Orioles games are always big money items, especially when they are in the contentions for the playoffs. If you’ve never been to an Orioles game, it’s a great experience, and their stadium—Oriole Park at Camden Yards—is one of the most unique in the game. The Orioles first started playing baseball professionally in 1901, and they’ve won three World Series titles in that time.

The biggest rival to the Baltimore Orioles right now, and one game that tickets to the Orioles are guaranteed to sell fast is for is the Washington Nationals. These two teams are so close together geographically, and it is now known as the Beltway Series when they play against each other. Fans from one city can easily commute to the other, and these games are always the most intense and are very fun to attend. It’s a newer rivalry, but it’s already one of the most entertaining in all of MLB.

Many stars have played for the Orioles over the years. Some of the biggest of these are Cal Ripken, Jr., Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, and Jim Palmer. All four of these players are enshrined in the Hall of Fame wearing an O’s cap. Ripken was one of the most impressive shortstops in the game when he was at his peak, but he will forever be remembered as the player that shattered Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played. The last time that the Orioles won a World Series was with him, back in 1983.

But with the talent that the Orioles have today, that could change over the next few years. The Orioles have some of the best batters in the game right now, and they are young enough that they are likely to keep improving. Tickets to Orioles games are going to continue to be popular as long as this streak remains intact. If you’ve never seen the O’s play, now is your chance to get tickets and enjoy a night out with some friends or family.

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