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August Burns Red is an American heavy metal quintet from Manheim, Pennsylvania. The band formed while they were in high school, and solidified their senior year in 2003. After performing in surrounding areas, they were recognized and signed with CI Records rather quickly. Their chords, lyrics, and odd-meter riffs are heavy on the eardrums. If you’re a fan of American metal, give August Burns Red a listen for an intense metal experience. This is the best time to buy August Burns Red tickets. We show you all of the listings and best seats below so don’t miss out.

Since its forming, August Burns Red has found itself on Billboard’s top 200 list and nominated for Grammy Awards twice. The current band members of August Burns Red are Matt Greiner, Jake Luhrs, JB Brubaker, Dustin Davidson, Brent Rambler, Josh McManness, Jon Hershey, and Jordan Tuscan. Together, they form a heavy rockin’ sound that caters to their heavy-metal fanbase.

According to Spotify, August Burns Red has a monthly total of 758,263 plays per month. The best of August Burns Red, according to Spotify, includes the following hit singles: “The Legend of Zelda”, a hit single and cover of the original Legend of Zelda theme, “Invisible Enemy”, from Phantom Anthem, “White Washed”, from Constellations, “Mariana’s Trench”, from Constellations, “King of Sorrow”, from Phantom Anthem, and “Hero of the Half Truth”, from Phantom Anthem.

If you like August Burns Red’s heavy riffs and metal kicks, be sure to check out the following artists in the genre: For Today, Miss May I, Texas In July, Haste The Day, The Ghost Inside, The Devil Wears Prada, For The Fallen Dreams, Oh, Sleeper, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, and Emmure.

What’s Special about August Burns Red?

At the 2017 60th Annual Grammy Awards, August Burns Red was nominated for Best Metal Performance for their song: “Invisible Enemy”. In the 2015 Annual Grammy Awards, they were nominated for Best Metal Performance for their song: “Identity”. This band is the result of continued friendship and musicianship, and onstage, they have great chemistry. Screamo vocals and obtuse guitar solos streak across any listener’s mind like lightning, and their vocals and metal chord progressions take you away from anything you’ve ever heard before. Their metal is only available as they create it, and cannot be recreated by day-to-day noise, or heard in plazas as you walk to work. See August Burns Red for a wild metal ride out of the ordinary, and watch out for when the pit opens up.

Notable Performances by August Burns Red

August Burns Red performed at The Danford Music Hall in Toronto on January 6th, 2018. Much to the delight of their fans, they performed with energy and plenty of memorable throwbacks. Spill Magazine reports that their live concerts are musically supreme in terms of note accuracy, tone quality, and sounding as great as they do in a studio recording. August Burns Red may scream and writhe and slam hard on the notes, but check out what’s under all of that metal in their song, “King of Sorrow”: “Rest assured that everything will be okay; It’s all going according to plan. Let me speak for you in these times of dread; I’ll be your guide, now please just rest your head.” Though there may be additional context to add to the song, who said metal couldn’t have sweet intentions in small, poetic bursts? The crowds usually sing along to their favorite and most popular songs, so be sure to give their lyrics a scan before you head out.

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