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This is a great time to buy Atlanta Hawks tickets. We provide all kinds of information to help you save money and have a fabulous time. Everything from the best place to sit in the arena all the way up to where you should park. We focus on experience first. This is a critical piece when it comes to putting up your hard-earned money.

There are tons of listings this season. From the beginning of the season all the way up to the championship. Will the Hawks make a run? You will find home and away games on the list. One other thing you may find includes parking passes. This is something we will discuss in more detail.

Right Time to Buy Atlanta Hawks Tickets

Timing the purchase of your Atlanta Hawks tickets isn’t the easiest of things. We’ve spent many years researching how you can get lower-priced tickets to an NBA game. We have found some strategies that work better than others.

You should start your research around two weeks prior to the game you want to attend. Keep an eye out on several different sections in the arena leading up to this game. This will give you the best opportunity to find how price moves in those sections. This is also a time where supply and demand are pretty close in numbers. As demand diminishes the ticket sellers will try to sell their tickets at a lower price. Many sellers will try to get as much value as they can leading up to the last minute.

We also suggest you look for games that occur during the week. Games on the weekend will be way more expensive than a game on a Tuesday night. The demand for tickets during the week will not be as high as on a weekend.

Looking at the teams that Atlanta Hawks face is also another way to reduce your costs. Games against divisional rivalries will be way more expensive than games against teams out of the area. Look for games against the Denver Nuggets versus games against the Miami Heat.

Find a Good Seat at the State Farm Arena

The number one focus of our site is to find your tickets with the best seats. Prices of seats go up and down throughout the season. The number one thing to consider is your experience. Making a great memory in a good seat is way more important than spending a few extra dollars. Here is our view of the seating chart.

Lower Level – The lower level at most stadiums is where the action occurs. You will have access to great views and the sound effects of the court. Look for section 118 to sit behind the Atlanta Hawks bench. If you’re a fan of the opposing team look for section 120. If you like to watch players come in and out of the tunnel consider sections 101 and 122.

Terrace Level – This is a great area to watch a game from a little bit further. It gives you access to the concert club seating area. This is a great place if you want to socialize.

Upper Level– Like many arenas the upper level is the last place you want to sit. We suggest you spend the extra dollars to get down to the lower level or better. Although you get access to the stadium the views will be more frustrating.

Club Level – There are plenty of club-level seats around the arena. From the players club to the Delta sky 360 clubs you will have access to all-inclusive food, beer, and wine. You can also expect private dining areas and shorter lines to the restrooms.

Suites – There are definitely some great suites at the State Farm Arena. Consider yourself lucky if you get access to one of these boxes. You can even potentially sit in a suite with a top golf simulator. You also have access to private bathrooms, an in-suite attendant, large-screen TVs everywhere, VIP parking, and much more.

Get a Good Parking Spot

Nobody likes to pay for parking. Unfortunately, this is what you have to do when driving to an Atlanta Hawks game. We suggest purchasing your parking pass ahead of time. This will save you the hassle of when you arrive. You will be looking at around $20 just to park your car.

Think About Your Ticket Purchasing Options

Although most of you came here for single-game tickets, we want to show you a couple of other options you may not know about. Buying tickets to any professional sports game is quite expensive. Here are a couple of ways you might be able to save some money.

Season Tickets – Although you may have thought about season tickets in the past now is the time to take advantage. The goal would be to go to several games a season while recouping that money from the tickets you sell. On a good year, the Atlanta Hawks can help you return the money you spent as well as make some profits. Consider this as an investment but there are no guarantees.

Single-Game Tickets – More than likely you are here just to purchase tickets for one game. Remember, the purchase is most likely going to have a heavy premium on the face value.

Group Tickets –  Getting group tickets is definitely a great option for those looking to go to a few games a year. Although you won’t be able to select which games you go to, you will have access to several different teams. You do not control which day of the week you go, so make sure you check your calendar

Last Minute Tickets – Some people like to wait until the last minute to purchase their seats. This is an option for those with a little bit more risk-tolerant blood. You can actually arrive at the stadium without a ticket and make your purchase at the gate. There is a chance you’ll get left out so keep that in mind when going.

Atlanta Hawks History

The Atlanta Hawks have been around since 1946. They started out as the Buffalo Bisons and then became the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. After that, they became the Milwaukee Hawks, St. Louis Hawks, and then the Atlanta Hawks in 1968. Since then, they have played in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta Georgia.

Currently, the Atlanta Hawks do not hold any conference titles or championships. They do carry a lot of divisional titles and have made the playoffs several times.

You can expect great gains against the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks. These games will definitely boost ticket prices so be aware of this when making your order.

The Atlanta Hawks have produced several great players over the years. Some of these players include Dominique Wilkins, Dikembe Mutombo, Pete Maravich, Lou Hudson, and Lenny Wilkins.

Some Good Restaurants Around Town

Looking for a place to eat outside the arena? If you’re not into stadium-style food there are options to consider below.

Park Bar – This is a pretty cool spot offering pub fare, bourbon, and all kinds of craft beers. This is a cool spot to take a date and you’ll get great service to go along with it. Reasonably cost meals and drinks are waiting for you.

Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria – This is a nifty downtown-style pizza joint offering great food. You will have some great service and enjoy the hospitality of this location. The prices are really fair as well.

Are you Looking for a Place to Stay the Night?

If you’re coming in from out of town, you do have several options in the Atlanta area. Some hotels are definitely better than others so we expect you to do the research. Here are a couple of options to look into for your stay.

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center – The Omni is one of the most famous hotels in Atlanta. You’ll get a four-star stay with a great steakhouse in the building. You also get great service and a clean room. You’re looking at around $140 a night.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta – This Hyatt is considered a four-star hotel in the downtown area. You’ll have access to an outdoor pool in the summer and a rotating restaurant and lounge. You will be looking at around $100 a night for your stay.

Making That Ticket Purchase

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing Atlanta Hawks tickets then now is the time to make it happen. You will have access to dozens the games all season long. It’s up to you to figure out which team you want to see them face. Remember everything we suggested above to save money on your tickets. At the end of the day, cheap Atlanta Hawks tickets are very hard to find. If you want to have a great experience then money shouldn’t be your issue. If you have any questions about the Atlanta Hawks seating chart or buying tickets please contact us. Good luck!

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