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If you are a Braves fan, then this is the year to get tickets. Tickets to a Braves game can be found at affordable prices if you know what to do. Watching a Braves game live goes far beyond just watching a baseball game.

You will find upcoming games listed below. You will also find tickets to any games the Braves play in. Parking passes may show up as well. Home or Away, Braves tickets are just a few clicks away.

Once you get past the listings you will see information about the best time to buy tickets, the top seats at Truist Park, and a little history about the Atlanta Braves. Sites such as SeatGeek will help you find the best prices.

Best Time to Buy Atlanta Braves Tickets

This comes down to the experience you want to have. If you are a fairweather fan and only want to go to the stadium, the day of the game tickets is your best option. However, if you are a true fan and want decent seats you may want to buy your tickets sooner than that. Unless the Braves are in the playoffs, good seats will be readily available in all sections.

The sweet spot for Braves tickets will be anywhere between 7-10 days before the game. This is when a lot of tickets will come up for sale or prices will start to move.

If you are a solo spectator there is no reason you would need to get a ticket so early. On the day of the game, tickets will be fairly cheap and you may even find a way in for super cheap.

One thing to note, if you are looking for the cheapest Braves tickets, buying not only a weekday game but if you find an early game is where you can save. This isn’t only the case, but a lot of times the stadium will be fairly empty since people are working. Weekend games will most likely always be more expensive than the weeknight.

Finding a Seat at Truist Park

Best seats for cheap is what we strive for. How do you find these seats? We’ll get into some of the areas around the Park that you may want to check out. Each one will have its own features and will depend mainly on your budget.

Lower Level – This is where you have access to the Dugout and diamond levels. The majority of good seats for the right price can be had at this level. The Braves dugout is between sections 17-21 and the visitor’s dugout is between 31-34. Keep this in mind if you want to see players up close.

Terrace Level – This is what is known as the 200 level. You will find plenty of affordable seats here.

Vista Level – This is a nice way of saying, “pretty far away”. Taking a large group? This may be good for those on a budget.

GrandStand Level – This is a “sit where you want” section of the park. Obviously, these won’t be the best seats, but the price will be right. Especially if you want to go for only a few innings.

Truist Club – These are the seats you want if the game is important. Behind home plate is where you will pay a lot of money, but the experience will be like none other.

Sky360 Club and Beyond – This is where the suites and luxury boxes are. There are all kinds of names for these sections depending on the sponsor. Just look for the best deal when looking at sponsored seats.

We can go on and on with different areas to sit at in the Park. We suggest you walk around once you are in and find the spot you want to sit in the next time you go.

Parking Near Truist Park

Something you need to consider when going to a Braves game is the unfortunate cost of parking. This is one thing you will want to get ahead of time. There are several different parking areas around the park, but make sure you get your parking pass.

Looking to Eat Neat Near Truist Park

The right choice will be to try some great ballpark food. If by chance you want something a little different than baseball-style food, there are several restaurants to choose from around the park.

Antico Pizza – One of several franchises in the area, this pizza joint will surprise you with a nice tasting Neapolitan-style pizza.

CRU Food and Wine Bar – How about some Napa-Style food near the park. You can get some delish food and wine before the game or even after a day game.

Stay the Night Near Truist Park

If you are visiting and need a place to stay, you will find some convenient locations to stay. Hotels in a big city will run you around $175 on average. Keep this in mind. There are many variables to consider when picking your place.

Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta – You can find nice rooms for around $200 a night. Prices will vary depending on the day of the week you plan to stay.

DoubleTree Suites By Hilton Hotel Atlanta – A more reasonable cost location, but may not include the amenities you desire. Remember, you get what you pay for in terms of hotels.

Time to Get Tickets

So, you know you want to go to a game. Do you just want to go to one game? Do you want to go to multiple games a year? You have to decide.

Season Tickets – If you are a big Braves fan and ready to buy multiple game tickets then season tickets are the way to go. You can save a lot of money and sell the seats that you don’t use.

Last Minute Tickets – SIngle spectator or for those that want to go for a few innings, the last-minute deal awaits. Baseball is a long game. Take advantage of the panic sellers and get cheap tickets at the last minute.

Atlanta Braves History

The Atlanta Braves were established in 1871 and have been based in Atlanta since 1966. If you look below you can see the travel history of the team since the beginning.

Atlanta Braves (1966–present)
Milwaukee Braves (1953–1965)
Boston Braves (1941–1952)
Boston Bees (1936–1940)
Boston Braves (1912–1935)
Boston Rustlers (1911)
Boston Doves (1907–1910)
Boston Beaneaters (1883–1906)
Boston Red Caps (1876–1882)
Boston Red Stockings (1871–1875)

Source: Wikipedia

Speaking of history, the Braves have won some serious championships. This includes 17 NL Pennants. 4 NA Pennants, and Three World Series Titles. Pretty impressive stat line if you look at all of the numbers.

You can expect some major rivalry games against the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies. Tickets to these games will be a little more expensive.

Some of the biggest players to come through the organization include Hank Aaron, Phil Niekro, Greg Maddux, and Chipper Jones.

You can go to the stadium and visit the Monument Garden. This will give you a nice rundown of the history of the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame.

More Ticket Information

Tickets to baseball games have gone up over the years. However, there was a pretty strong setback over the past decade of what people wanted to pay. You can find affordable tickets to the Atlanta Braves game if you play it right. Use the different third-party sites listed here to help you.


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