Arizona Diamondbacks are an MLB Force

By on June 5, 2016
Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks are relative newcomers to Major League Baseball, having begun as a professional franchise in 1998, but they are already a well-respected team on the field. Many great players have graced the team, and they even had a World Series championship in 2001. Tickets to Arizona Diamondbacks games are a great treat for both the big baseball fan, and the casual sports watcher. Either way, this is a fun team to watch and their home field—Chase Field—is a great place to catch a game.

The D-Backs, as they are commonly referred to as, have made quite the mark on the National League. They have won their division five times already, the most recent being in 2011. They also have the record for winning the World Series in the short amount of time since becoming a franchise: four seasons. One player from the team has been named to the Hall of Fame, fastball pitcher Randy Johnson. Johnson was with the team from 1999 to 2004, and then again from 2007 to 2008. He has the record for most strikeouts thrown by a lefthander, and the second most ever, just behind Texas Ranger Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. The Big Unit did play for a few other teams, but he spent most of his career, and won a World Series, with the D-Backs.

The Diamondbacks have seen some ups and downs over the last few seasons, but that’s just a normal part of the growing process for a young team. A lot of their top talent has left, but they are still a strong team and boast some big money names in the game of professional baseball. Located right in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, Chase Field is a great place to bring the family or some pals from work. Tickets to Arizona Diamondback games are a great gift or a surprise, and they will always be appreciated if you find yourself in the Phoenix area. Remember to buy your tickets well ahead of time so that there will be no question of whether there are any still available to buy.

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