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Allen Stone was a musician and songwriter from the start: by the time he was only 11 years old, he was teaching himself to play guitar and recording homemade demos to hand out to his classmates. He grew up in Chewelah, Washington, and was heavily influenced by his parents’ love for soul and R&B. According to Spotify®, Allen Stone radiates the sounds of classic R&B and soul from the 1960s and 1970s, but pairs this tone with modernized lyrics and relevant concepts. This is the best time to buy Allen Stone tickets. Don’t miss out on the next tour or event near you. Get the best seats in the building.

Stone became an impressive and independent success after releasing digital albums through his own label, Stickystones. His second independent digital album release captured the attention of the public eye and took his record to the Billboard Heatseeker’s chart. In 2012, Stone signed to ATO Records and a contract with Capitol Records soon followed. To put it all into perspective: Capitol Records is contracted with The Beastie Boys, Beck, Bastille, Fatboy Slim, and Glass Animals. In short, Allen Stone’s passion, talent, and desire for high-quality music of his genre took him from his own independent label to signing with today’s hottest stars.

Although Allen Stone is an independent success, he regularly performs with: Jason Holt, Greg Ehrlich, Steve Watkins, Brent Rusinow,Trevor Larkin, Dani Elliott, Jessica Childress, Evan Oberla, and John Landry. Between these talented musicians, Stone utilizes the instrumental accompaniment of: organs, horns, guitar, bass, percussion, and female backup vocalists.

Allen Stone has a listening rate of over 850,000 plays per month on Spotify, and most of his fans are based out of Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam, and New York City. Some notable hit singles by Allen Stone include: “Faithful”, from Radius, “Brown Eyed Lover”, from a hit single, “Unaware”, from Allen Stone, and “Bed I Made”, from Radius.

If you enjoy Allen Stone’s funky, folky, soulful R&B, be sure to check out the following bands for a fresh pick of similar musicians: Marc Broussard, The Dip, Emily King, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Theo Katzman, Thirdstory, and Lawrence.

What is Special about Allen Stone?

Allen Stone is an independent and honest success. From the time that he was 11 years old to his current standing today, he has been crafting, exploring, and making music in his chosen genre. The roots of his chosen genre are from home life and early experiences. He continues to experience the world today through his soulful lens, and provide his fanbase a space to reflect, listen, relax, and jam. Another fantastic example of an independent success is Elton John. Much like Elton John, Allen Stone shows up in character with his signature long, blonde hair and funky shades. See Allen Stone live today, and experience the charismatic, independent success of a musical journey well-taken.

Notable Performances by Allen Stone

According to Mo’Betta Music Radio, Stone delivered a spectacular performance at The Basement in Columbus, Ohio on a chilly November evening. Mo’Betta Music Radio reports that he sported his usual “hippy-grunge” attire which included: large-rimmed glasses, a Canadian tuxedo, rust-colored pants, and his long blonde hair scruffed-out and semi-kempt. He is a self-admitted awkward dancer but places his honest talents where they count. His vocals sweep the crowd away as they listen to the literal sound of a preacher’s son soulfully jamming with fantastic live instrumental accompaniment. See Allen Stone live today and experience the story of Stone’s travels from the life of an independent producer, to a masterful performer of a specific genre.

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