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Alexander Giannascoli, who is popularly known by his stage name (Sandy) Alex G was born in 1993, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He started learning to make music at the age of 4, with his Apple Computer.  Alex G is classified into the genre of Indie Rock. But his style of music is different, making his music from home as he has always been comfortable doing. This is the best time to buy Alex G tickets. Listed below you will find all kinds of the best seats for the upcoming shows. Spend a few extra dollars to move up some rows.

He started his music with his guitar, which he learned from home playing with his brother’s guitar. This guitar has been a significant part of his art, although he can play some other instruments including the keyboard.

All his life has been about music, started up early at the age of 4, and left school to pursue music as a career.

Alex G Lo-Fi Performance

Alex G music is regarded as Lo-Fi music, which is characterized by its simplistic home performance. His rise to fame has been astronomical, from his performance at DIY self-releases on Bandcamp.

His melodic tone has been compared to the likes of Elliot Smiths, Built to Spill, and The Martinis. He has worked with other famous acts like Frank Ocean, Juliet Brown, Porches, and The Skin Cells.

Alex G is very comfortable with recording his music the way he wants it. That is why he loves making his music in the comfort of his home.

Notable Works

Alex G is not only a great performer but also an excellent guitarist. He has worked with other musicians, notably among them is Frank Ocean. This collaboration saw him playing a massive role in the albums “Endless” and “Blonde.” He played a vital role in producing and playing guitar for these albums.

His fame rose from online platforms to the real world after self-releasing two of his album on Bandcamp. He later signed with Orchid Tapes, who were responsible for releasing his next album DSU. He went on to produce more albums with other different labels.

Watch Alex G on Tour

He has taken Americans to heart with his home and peculiar Indie Rock. There are lots of people waiting to watch him perform on stage. He has come a long way from making music in his bedroom to touring with the likes of Frank Ocean on stage.

Tickets for his shows are sold out before the date. This puts most of his fans in a precarious position, as they intend to watch their favorite singer perform live on stage. Getting tickets will no longer be a big deal. All you have to do is to keep checking the listings above for updates.

Sandy Live on Stage

(Sandy) Alex G thrills his followers on stage with his Lo-Fi or popularly referred to as bedroom music. He is good at playing instruments such as the guitar, bass, drums, and the keyboard.

But his favorite instruments are the guitar, and his collaboration with other artists has been with his instrumental works. It is never a dull moment with Alex G on a live show. If you have not experienced him playing live on stage, then you must get a ticket to watch him as he comes to a town near year.

This young man has a long time to entertain us. His fan base is growing fast, and so his shows are full to the last seat. So get updated information on his next show and get affordable tickets as he takes his tour to a location near you.


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