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The Afropunk Festival, or Afropunk Fest, first debuted at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2005. There are few events like it, featuring live music, film, fashion, and art produced by black artists. The event, as stated by its name, combines the afro and punk cultures to represent African heritage and rebellion against the status. Thus, Afropunk Fest is “a safe place, a blank space to freak out in, to construct a new reality, to live your life as you see fit while making sense of the world around you.”

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The festival emerged out of the success and acclaim surrounding James Spooner’s documentary Afro-Punk. It was created to be a physical representation of the community that grew around the documentary’s message and ideals. Now, Afropunk Fest has become a more mainstream event, with appearances from major artists like Questlove, Lenny Kravitz, and Grace Jones.

There are countless music festivals all over the world, but the best ones find themselves established as a cultural staple in a certain place or for a certain people group. Afropunk has come to be both. It represents both New York and black culture incomparably. The event is also one of a few to be held now all over the world in a variety of locations. By hosting the festival in Paris, London, Atlanta, and Joburg, the opportunity to celebrate African and punk heritage is made globally accessible.

Performing artists are nearly all black, and have roots in an afro or punk culture. MIA and Ice Cube are a couple of the more mainstream artists to have made appearances. Other notable performers include D’Angelo, Suicidal Tendencies, Shinobi Ninja, and Gary Clark Jr. The lineups vary from location to location, with artists occasionally appearing at more than one iteration.

There are a handful of creative activities that stand out at Afropunk. Every year, there is an exciting battle of the bands. New talent can sign up and compete for an opportunity to perform on the main stage. The Spinthrift Market showcases the best of each locale’s maker community. At the Market, you can find a vast array of handmade items such as textiles, apparel, books, prints, and more. The Solution Sessions are an opportunity to hear keynote speakers present on some of today’s biggest questions surrounding racial and social dynamics.

Where to Buy Tickets to Afropunk Fest

A two-day festival is a prominent event for the greater Afropunk community, and, as it has grown mainstream, it has increased in attendance. Nonetheless, the Afropunk Festival tickets are affordable and accessible. Ticket options range from general admission and Final Tier to Advance and VIP. You can purchase tickets for just one day or both days of the event. VIP tickets are the best tickets and sell out the quickest. If you’re interested in volunteering at the festival, there are opportunities to earn free or discounted tickets. For the best deals on tickets to Afropunk Fest, check the links above.

Preparing for Afropunk Fest

First thing first: make sure you pay attention to which Afropunk Fest tickets you are purchasing! Each international occurrence will have slightly different travel and lodging options. Generally, each festival partners with local hotels for one-time deals. Take note, especially if you are traveling far, that the event is rain or shine, and there are no refunds for any reason.

There will be a wide range of food and beverage options available. Be sure to bring your valid state-issued ID, and keep it on you at all times in order to purchase alcohol. Food vendors offer local cuisine, and there are vegetarian and kosher options available. Outside food, along with most outside items, need to be left at home. You are only allowed to bring small purses or clear bags and one recyclable container for water. All visitors will be searched upon entry for the maintained safety of the event.

Experience the Afropunk Community

Experience the United African and punk cultures at Afropunk. The best alternative, blues, R&B, hip-hop, electronic, and rock artists representing black culture gather to challenge racial and social issues. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll encounter some of the best local food and drink as well.


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