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Stuart Leslie Goddard, or as he’s more commonly known, Adam Ant, is an English musician. He was the leader of the defunct group Adam and the Ants, which had a successful spell from the 1970s to the early ‘80s. He adopted the name Adam Ant after the group disbanded and has had an even more successful solo career. This is the best time to buy Adam Ant tickets. Use the listings below to find some of the best seats in a venue near you.

He released more than ten UK top 10 singles spanning several albums. He’s continued to change his musical style over the years, but no matter the type of music that he plays, his skill as a musician is obvious. He’s also been involved in several movies and television series. He can play guitar, piano, and harmonica, in addition to his well-known singing voice.

Adam’s music has always been unique, swaying from rock to dance pop with lots of humor infused into his lyrics and stage shows. This sense of humor has helped make his music even more popular. After a long hiatus from live performances, Adam rejuvenated his career with massive tours in the United States, Europe, and Australia in 2010.

He also has a regular gig, performing live in his hometown, London. He’s been known to play impromptu small shows in England over the years. However, his headlining tours have been big successes with sold-out tickets in venues across the world. In 1982, he was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards, ultimately losing out on this honor to Sheena Easton. He has won several other awards, including the coveted Brits award.

How to Buy Tickets to Watch Adam Ants Perform

Adam Ant has been around for a long time, so he has built up a loyal following of fans. Although he has not deviated from his main style, he has blended and updated his music enough to keep him relevant in the industry today. He’s even gained vast numbers of new fans. Affordable tickets are in the listings above.

Our hope is that the information here will make it easier for you to plan and catch up with his shows when he plays at a location near you.

What to Expect from Adam Ant on Stage

Adam Ant puts on a fun live performance. Not only is he a skilled professional, but he is also hilarious. He plays both the guitar and piano live but could just as easily be a standup comedian. This adds to his style of performance and the fun atmosphere of his shows. You should expect Adam and his crew to light up an arena.

Adam and company are known to entertain fans with some of the music from his old albums. And this usually lights up the place as it brings about good memories from the old-timers. You should also expect to hear some of his newer songs while he’s on tour.

Expect a good turnout whenever Adam Ant is in town. This is why it is vital to get your tickets on time. If you’re looking for Adam Ant tickets, be assured that you’ve come to the right place. The best seats are just a moment away if you give it the time and effort.


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