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What to Expect from Ticket Sales in 2018

Whether it’s tickets to your favorite team or a gift for someone you care about, entry to an event can make a lot of memories. Over the years a lot has changed when it’s come to purchasing tickets. You used to have to wait on telephone lines or even wait on lines at the box office.

NOW, you have access to everything right from your computer or handheld device. Several sites that we talk about here have access to 1000’s of seats . The goal of this site is break down the different vendors, lineups, fees, and what you can expect with the whole process. Of course we will have announcements to all the great shows to see.

Should you have any questions or feedback about your experiences with a particular site, please let us know. For now, enjoy and good luck finding the best tickets to your next event.

Again, we encourage you to comment on all the different events you go to and the experiences you have with the different ticket sites. If we can help you along the way, that is what we are after.